Friday, November 21, 2014

Some details on Hyrule Warriors' second DLC pack and Amiibos

We've been busy with ORAS stuff these last few days, so that new info really went under my radar, but the Twilight Princess-themed DLC pack for Hyrule Warriors is coming out soon (next Thursday, in fact). We were promised a new character and a new weapon, and I think what we got in terms of the former was a pretty surprising twist. I mean, Link, Zelda, Ganondorf, Midna, Zant and even Agitha were already there, so who could be added? Rusl? Yeto? Auru and his big-ass rocket launcher? Gor Coron and his rock-hard Goron nipples?

Well, what we got instead was Twili Midna, as in, Midna's true form. I did NOT expect that. Her weapon is the Mirror of Twilight... looking forward to seeing how that'll play out. As for the additional weapon, you're never going to believe it, but it's NOT for Link! It's actually for Zelda, and it's the super-awesome Dominion Rod! I loved that thing so much in TP, I can't overstate my happiness. I'm just hoping it's usable, I'm not a fan of the Rapier (though it might just be because I'm doing it wrong), and her Baton moveset is right up there with Agitha in terms of how much ass it sucks.

No info on the extra costume and whatever quirks (if any) will be featured in the new adventure map.

On that note, Amiibo functionality has been explained a bit. As mentioned before, the Link one gives you the Spinner, but the Zelda one does NOT unlock a weapon for her: instead you can use it once every day to get a random weapon that's three stars or higher. Any other Amiibo can be used once a day to get a random weapon that's three stars or lower, a random material, or Rupees. Still not worth the money unless you're a collector.


  1. ... Why I am the only one finding Agitha and both of Zelda's weapons actually pretty surprisingly strong ? Seriously, I had heard everywhere how terrible Agitha was and yet when I tried her out, aside from her pretty low range for her normal attacks, I had absolutely no problem using her. In fact, I think she's pretty fun to play as. And that's the first time I heard about the Wind Waker being terrible and I'm honestly surprised. In fact, I personally think Darunia sucks really hard at beating commanders, even though he is amazing for crowd control. And I'm having a really hard time finding any use for the Summoning Gate, as my impressions so far are that it's horribly slow.
    Strangely enough, every single character/weapon which has a lightning attribute in some way or another is used extremely well in my hands... (Agitha's beetle does Lightning damage even though her parasol is technically of the Light attribute)

    1. Actually, I don't really mind Darunia against officers. You can use a regular attack to cancel out of his C2's animation after it connects, so doing more or less the same thing as how you perform Volga's infinite combo is a solid way of dealing with officers.

  2. I was completely expecting Twili Midna, but as a weapon for Midna (similar to the Great Fairy) instead of a character. I also predicted the Dominion Rod after it was revealed that Zelda would be getting a weapon. I'm looking forward to it, and I'm wondering if she'll use Phantoms in the moveset in any way, because that would be even more awesome.