Thursday, June 13, 2013

Best. Erratum. Ever.

Courtesy of today's Sun. Why can't we have newspapers as awesome as those they have in the UK?


  1. America does, we call it The Onion.

    Also, this is the first awesome thing The Sun has done in ages, usually their as bad as Fox.

    1. You cannot compare The Sun with The Onion. The Onion is pure satire. The Sun is a dumbed down tabloid, that is unfortunately the most popular newspaper in Britain.

      That said, zing!

    2. It's just sad when what you call "dumbed down" still manages to outdo anything we have in North America. Not likely we'd see anything out of a publication with any kind of following.

    3. Actually slow, the UK's print media is pretty much the equivalent of American TV media, complete and utter shit with occasional brilliance. No clue how it's like up Canada, but unless your saying it's worse than both than... geezus.

      I can compare them, The Onion is fucking hilarious cause it's intentional satire. With shit like The Sun is the thing it satires.

    4. Our print media isn't all that stellar either, to be honest. In today's newspaper, they reveal that the leader of the Quebec Liberal Party has an apartment in Quebec City that's being paid for by the party until he gets a seat at the Parliament. And they're trying to make a huge scandal out of it, despite the fact that it's the PARTY's money, and not the taxpayers'.

  2. You should check out The Guardian. They're notorious for typing errors. I live in the UK so I should know.