Saturday, June 15, 2013

Anyone else having trouble accessing the TSG website?

Because every now and then I get greeted by this error message:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function mobile_device_detect() in /home/tsgadmin/public_html/ on line 1571

Now I know Local's been working on some stuff earlier this month, but I thought it was supposed to be done and over with. And with nine days left until the start of the FF marathon, I really really don't want to miss any of it over such issues. (Edit: On second thought, there's always the Twitch website itself, however donations might suffer if that happens...) Am I the only one who's having problems, or is it really an issue with the site itself?

As a side note, I don't know what any of this error message means, but I see "mobile device detect" in there. I'm not using a mobile device, but a desktop computer! The hell?


  1. Yeah, that link throws up an error for me too. Basically the same that you're seeing.

  2. I was wondering the same thing when I went there. For me it's been happening on occasion since the site started being worked on though it usually goes away after about five minutes.

  3. From my limited programming knowledge, the best I can tell is that when loading the site, the code wants to use the function (a sort-of program inside a bigger program) "mobile_device_detect()" to see if the visitor is using the site on a mobile device or a desktop, and I'm guessing that the format of the site (code-wise) would change based on what you're using. I think the problem is that because the code determines which site "layout" (for lack of a better word) to use, the site doesn't work if one isn't picked, and the problem is that there's an instance in the code where the function is not called so no value is returned from it, hence the "undefined" part. As for only not working occasionally, my best guess would be because the instance of the not-called function only occurs under certain parameters, which could be from something like site traffic size to really anything else.

    Again, I may be completely off-base so someone feel free to correct me.

    Edit: the problem could also be in the function itself, but that is less likely (I think) since the function is probably universal to the code, meaning it is used the same in every instance. Granted it could be changed on a class-dependent basis, so I really don't know, but again I would think the function would be at least defined correctly in the superclass.

  4. I've been getting that message for a few days now, and whenever I get it, it's usually around the same time, 9PM.