Tuesday, December 25, 2012

True story: a blonde moment

So my family got together for Christmas, we had a good time, exchanged stories... here's one from my mother, which I hadn't heard beforehand since I moved away several months ago.

Remember Felix Baumgartner? The guy who broke the sound barrier while freefalling? Well, my mother's boss was watching the whole thing at a restaurant near where they work, and one particularly dumb blonde asked, "wait, what if he misses the Earth?"

You know, I never, ever met anyone as stupid as the filth you find on the internet in person, but having seen them in action I can totally believe someone would be this dumb. Isaac Newton mustn't have just rolled in his grave, he must have sleepwalked all over the graveyard.

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  1. Maybe she thought the Moon would but in take the guy for itself.