Saturday, April 7, 2012

Trolled by Pokémon Smash

Wanna know what the big reveal was? THE BOX ART, which we'd already seen before! The actual info will wait until next week. And you know what? This worries me. We're about halfway between the game's announcement and its reveal, and we don't know a lick about it other than the title and the Kyurem forms. Why? Why do they keep teasing us with the prospect of new info, only to delay that time after time after time? Is it because they have so little new stuff to show us without going into spoilerland? Because the cynics are right and "brand new adventure" really means "twin deluxe versions", especially since that very label was on Platinum's box? When the game was first announced, that prospect was the most logical conclusion for a variety of reasons, but that "brand new adventure" promise turned things around. And I'm sort of worried, because from day one it didn't even cross the minds of many, many people that this might be twin deluxe versions, and they've been hyping themselves and each other up for sequels. And if they aren't, in fact, sequels, it will piss off SO MANY PEOPLE. While there was no uproar whatsoever in this little community over the fact that BW2 is on DS (mostly because we all know why it's on the DS to begin with), the casual masses with less of a grasp on how these games are made were mighty pissed. Should they be getting ready for the second part of a one-two punch of disappointment? At this point, who knows?


  1. Urrgh... You gotta be kidding.

    They confirmed themselves that these games are supposed to be sequels. If they aren't, I fear that we might see a repeat of the whole "the company lied to us, let's sue them" situation.

    I personally don't mind, after all, no matter what the story is, you still ends up being a trainer aiming to be the Pokemon Champion of his region. So it's not such a big deal if it really is a twin-deluxe version in disguise, but still, poor advertising strategy on Game Freak's part...

    1. I wouldn't say they "confirmed" it, as I said they used the same wording that was on Platinum's box. Either way, a lot of people WILL feel like they've been lied to if this is a repeat of Platinum.

  2. Hehe, call me sadistic, but I will ENJOY seeing the reaction on the non-logical mass's collective faces when they find that their "sequels" that they want are actually remakes. Oh, it will be so fun! Personally, I could care less, as long as Kyurem gets better (Uber material, perhaps? This is the alternate Formes themselves; Standred Kyurem will probably be stuck in OU at the best case scenario), and the games are still fun to play. Oh, and I also want the VS Seeker and Gym Leader rematches (preferably NOT in triples, please). Maybe have the Sages battle you before giving their prizes. N being available to rematch you forever would be nice, too. Heck, Cynthia returned. Why not all the Champions? Version exclusive TMs would be interesting as well. Okay, I want a lot of things you want. Point is, these games had better be awesome. I want to continue humiliating my friends by pwning them at Pokemon (the ones that play it) with the new stuff that they introduce. One more nitpick, Y U NO HAVE OPTION TO TURN WONDER LAUNCHER OFF IN WIRELESS BATTLES?!...

  3. If BW2 AREN'T sequels, and their just deluxe versions, then they should have just scrapped having two versions called Black 2 and White 2, and just do Pokemon Grey like everyone wanted. But still, this is two weeks in a row where they said they would reveal new information, only for it to be utter crap that we knew anyway. If we don't get that heap of new information next week, I think there will be some VERY angry Pokéfans.

  4. It makes sense that these games are two deluxe versions.

    Look at it like this;
    Around Black and Whites original release there was an increased focus on the differences between two versions and the different sides, light and dark.

    The first Gen 5 Pokemon movie that is released is split into two movies, again to further emphasize the differences between the two different mascots.

    I thought that making one movie into two would be enough evidence to assume that these games are just deluxe versions split into two, again emphasizing the two different sides that have been promoted throughout this generation.

  5. Pokemon what? I'm too busy playing Kid Icarus Uprising

  6. For the majority of the time, I've always said that these games are just deluxe versions.

    People didn't believe me, they wanted to find out more a bunch of other excuses listed up.

    As for the lack of information, I sense that maybe they were a little too quick in announcing B/W2 at this point in time and may just be rushing to show the little differences that exist.