Monday, February 13, 2012

Keldeo officially revealed today

It's a tradition now, every February or March a new event Pokémon set to appear in that year's movie is revealed (I use that term loosely since it's always datamined at the very beginning of the generation anyway). This year it's Keldeo who's up at bat, and quite frankly after all this time I'm still not sold on this design. After all, nothing says d'Artagnan like a My Little Pony reject. It definitely got the short end of the stick, after seeing its three counterparts perfectly replicate the essence of the characters they were modeled after.

Fortunately, its battle prowess is likely to compensate for this shortcoming, as many expect it to be a massive threat, possibly enough to be a suspect, maybe even banned to ubers. However, such an extreme scenario is unlikely, if only because of the timing of Keldeo's release, which if the usual timing is preserved should be followed by Gray in a matter of months. Nonetheless, expectations are high; despite it being one of the very rare Water-types that doesn't get Ice Beam, giving it a shallow movepool on par with pre-Platinum Shaymin-L, it still has just the right tools to get the job done, especially the exact same stat spread as Terrakion, only with the attack stats reversed. Being a fast Water-type, it also thrives a lot in rain. Great, just what we needed, another weather-abusing powerhouse. Secret Sword only sweetens the deal, as it makes Keldeo into the only pure special attacker with an answer to Chansey and Blissey, as well as most specially defensive Pokémon in general. This is an impressive combination that carried Keldeo to #17 last month on the Dream World ladder - ahead of even Serperior.

This is a lot of hype to live up to. Will it succeed?

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