Sunday, February 12, 2012

Kyurem alternate form confirmed?

According to Pokébeach, placeholder data for a Kyurem alternate form has been found in the coding for Black and White. I don't really know what to make of this, because Pokébeach has been known to post less credible news from time to time (remember Minotauros among others?), but if this is true... be honest, is anyone really surprised? We all knew from the moment we saw the subpar stats on this thing, as well as its "incomplete", asymetrical design, that it would get the Giratina treatment, so it's barely a shocker.

While it's astounding that such a story would only come now, almost a year and a half after the games' Japanese release, the thing that puts this news story over the top is the alleged fact that Rotom, Giratina and Shaymin had similar placeholder data in Diamond and Pearl. And this is why I find myself having trouble believing this whole story - these games are over five years old, and we're only now figuring this out?

So, what's your take on this? Is this the real deal, or an elaborate ploy to give Pokébeach more hits? And why haven't we seen a single word about that on the other major sites? (Unbelievably, not even our buddy Giancarlo said a single word about it, usually he's all over that stuff.)

Also stay tuned for the expected Nobunaga and Keldeo news in the coming days. Man, that's a lot all at once...


  1. I find it a little improbable that it's only now been found out how the form data for Pokémon like Unown, Rotom etc. is stored in the ROM itself. I can't believe nobody investigated because nobody was looking specifically for placeholders for extra form data, because I used to be a ROM-diver (for Sonic games, not Pokémon) and I'd investigate mundane things to find out how they tick because I was curious, not because I sensed foul play.

  2. Just to preserve my reputation as an annoying smartass, I'll say that they probably wanted to cover themselves with some random excuses for not thinking about this whole theory sooner and tried to show "proofs" coming out of nowhere just to look more serious than every other website having already expressed their suspicions.

    I actually never heard about Pokébeach before, so my whole theory is also the product of random thoughts that are quite common at midnight. If you agree with me, fine, but be warned that I have no proof to support my own arguments.

    I bet I'll read this comment much later after having a good night of sleep just to find all the mistakes I might have made...

  3. ^Agreed with those. Pokebeach is trying to be the "first" website to have information on the obvious alternate form. If they're wrong, they don't have much to lose (being unpopular in the first place and having previous bad press), and if they're right (as is most probable), they get to claim that they were the first ones to announce it officially.

    The sad thing is that it will probably work.

  4. It really does seem like "quick guys, cover our asses!" by reporting something that the rest of us had pretty much taken for granted. They're in a win-win situation to either go "NO IT WAS SPECULATION" or "CALLED IT" depending on whether they're- heck, who am I kidding, they just want to go "CALLED IT", it's so flipping obvious.

    Next Pokébeach headline: Pikachu is an Electric-type!