Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hey everybody, it's an influx of new viewers!

As you-know-who's Emerald LP carries on, my own LP shows up in the related videos every now and then, and Analytics data proves that I'm enjoying a spike in viewership, as well as subscriptions. Note that it's nowhere near as out of control as when he did his Crystal LP all the way back then, but you can still see the surge very well on the graphs. Perhaps the most startling thing is how eerily silent those new viewers are. Outside of two or three legendary haters (SCIZOR IS T3H SUXX0RS ND ARTIC00NO IS TOO OP), I haven't seen any utter dumbasses that were clearly led here from Chugga's channel, not even on part 1... maybe the mocking from longtime viewers in the comments to that video were a major turn-off? Nah, that would be implying that these... people... have an intellect superior to that of an amoeba.

On a related note, the saga of the mysterious mass Canadian unsubs carries on, as I'm now below 250 subs in Canada. We're going to get an answer as to whether all those bans I've done count for Canada because I caused these unsubs pretty soon... if that number plummets into the negatives we'll have our answer. (As I said before, I somehow have negative subs in four countries, so Analytics is obviously far from bulletproof.)


  1. They'll appear eventually, its just a matter of time before the surge happens, currently it's just a tiny stream of them.

  2. God damn it ! Every time you mention your worries about this possible invasion, you make me feel bad for not being able to do anything to help. x)

    To be honest, even within my group of friends (and since I'm such a no-life, you might be expecting that my friends are somewhat of the same bunch), not any single one of them would be actually interested in watching a LP, they prefer to take this time to play their own games themselves.

    It seems that I'm the only one in my region thinking that it's kinda refreshing seeing somebody else playing and that it could potentially teach me something new. (Remember when I was bashing competitive players and always arguing with you ? XD )

    Sure, there are times where I still disagree with you, but since we're not from the same generation at all, it was to be expected.
    (But to be honest, even in my own generation I'm arguing with everyone all the time...)

    All right, my point with this actually pointless anecdote was : *MOST* Canadian "gamers" do not seem to be as much into watching LPs these days anymore. There are still exceptions of course, this is only my first logical guess based on my experiences.

    1. Sure, but what would make Canada so different from EVERY COUNTRY OUT THERE? It's not normal that I used to have more Canadian subscribers than British ones, but I'm about to have more German subscribers of all places in the near future.

    2. Maybe Leagues of Legends is to blame ? XD
      I don't really know, it's just that every gamer I know in real life (And I know at least quite a good bunch) would never be interested in watching a LP. Maybe a video about funny glitches or walkthrough, but not LPs...

      Or we can just go the easy way and assume that Youtube screw up, after all, this would not be that much of a surprise... if it would be a surprise at all in the first place...

  3. I don't trust Analytics-like data from ANY website. That type of information is often riddled with so many glitches and issues that it's unrecognizable. I wouldn't be so concerned with Canada, it's possibly some kind of bug that results from you being registered in Canada. I don't see how your videos could impact an entire demographic in that particular way.