Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pokémon gamebreaking glitches I wasn't aware of

The Japanese Red and Green have one of the oddest glitches ever: if you evolve your starter before getting the Pokédex, you can't get the Pokédex at all, meaning you can't get Pokéballs either, and as a result you can't get past Viridian City. The one question I have is, how the hell does that work?

Another odd Japan-only glitch, which is reportedly only in very early copies of the game, is that when you go to the second floor of the Pokémon League's Pokémon Center, you can't get back down because of a glitch. And guess what? If you have any business at all there, odds are you WILL be saving there. Meaning you're permanently stuck. BRILLIANT.

So next time you get mad at the localization teams for taking their sweet time, remember that all those bugs are usually weeded out in the process, which will make things much less frustrating in the long run.


  1. Huh, never heard about those bugs. That's not to say that they weeded out all of the major bugs, though. I wonder if Missingno was found in the Japanese games before they hit the shores of North America. Speaking of which, do you know if there's any differences to that particular glitch in the Japanese version, like if it was even present at all?

  2. Speaking of which, how did Nintendo notice that those two glitches were in the game, and realised they were potentially game-breaking, but they didn't notice the Missingno. glitch (among others)?

    1. To be fair, these two glitches, in comparison to Missingno. et al are fairly obvious. I can imagine some psychopath would have power-levelled to level 16 very early in the game and realised that, and the upstairs Pokémon Centre glitch would probably have had an uproar about it too.

  3. Yeah I heard about the first one.

    Apparently, the game thinks if you have evolved your starter, you have more than one Pokemon (seeing there would be 2 in your Pokedex) so the game concludes you already have the Pokedex, therefore not giving you one.

    MissingNo. is a more complicated glitch to find for people asking.
    How many people their first time through the game talked to the man to show you how to catch a Pokemon, decided to go to cinnabar, then decided to surf on the coast, just for kicks, then waited surfing up and down for a while? I can say safely, I never thought about doing this chain events until I saw it online.

    They discovered MissingNo. after North American releases of Red and Blue I'm assuming, seeing that Yellow was a mostly successful remedy to the MissingNo. glitch.