Saturday, September 26, 2015

Gen Goalpost Moving

The worst thing you could do on the internet is become hated enough for people to dig through your dirt. As such, Julie Rei Goldstein's résumé was dug up, and here it is for your viewing pleasure (part 1, part 2). At first it looks harmless enough... until you take a closer look at the "Film" section. She's listed as a "lead" role for the two films she was casted in... but how factual is this? The first listed, "Billie Speare", has a total runtime of 20 minutes. So right away it probably doesn't belong in "Film". But then... look at the poster. Dear Julie is listed under "Co-starring". And judging by the length of that section, she could be anywhere between a supporting actress and part of an ensemble cast. Sound familiar? Yep, so "part of an ensemble cast" (the best case scenario) counts as a lead when she does it, but not when others do it. So essentially, Gen Zed's claim of having the first ever trans VA in a lead role is utterly nuked by Goldstein's own résumé. I want to pretend I'm surprised, but I'm not particularly skilled at lying.

But wait, it gets better. The other "film" doesn't even have her on the cover. What kind of cover doesn't list their lead? Scrolling down, you find out that she's not in the main cast either... oh, there she is. "Rest of cast". I'm not even kidding. She claims to have the lead role, but IMDB lists her under "rest of cast". So by that definition, not only is Meowth a lead. but so is every character of the day in the Pokémon anime's 18-year run. Again, this is right there on her résumé. I wonder if she's been confronted with that yet. I would assume that yes, and I would also assume that her excuse is that IMDB is in league with Gamergate to try and make her look bad.

Meanwhile, over on Wikipedia, Hayden Black's been busy "enhancing" his own page with utter lies. Look at this old version for example. It says this: "Goodnight Burbank made IMDB's Top 50 TV series to premiere in 2011." What, did he think no one would ever check IMDB to verify that claim? No, you're not hallucinating. It was ranked #1641. And this jerkwad had the balls to claim top 50, not even citing his sources in the process, because it was easy as pie to see this was a complete fabrication.

I also want to draw attention to the revision history page. A user named Cellmate27 says this: "Had to change some of the things rewritten by a mounting 4Chan/8Chan campaign to "nuke" this wiki page." I dunno, but making the page more factual is the complete opposite of "nuking" to me. So what about Cellmate27's contribution list? Yeah, you all saw this coming. This is a Hayden Black sockpuppet, pure and simple. Look at the list of gratuitous boasts that were then taken down by the next guy who edited the page. Hey Hayden, Wikipedia requires sources for a reason. And unfortunately for you, there are no sources that prove Gen Zed "has generated a very large amount of positive interest". I wonder why?

These people are acting in utter desperation to try and make themselves seem credible, but they'd already built up such a nasty reputation that the skeletons in their closets are being dug up at breakneck speed. To think they wouldn't have had to deal with this had they not been such irritating people. But hey, you can't expect any better out of a hardcore SJW and someone who tries way too hard to pose as one.

Edit: OH GOD IT'S NOT OVER. In fact, it gets EVEN BETTER. So what of Black's contributions to articles that have nothing to do with him? Take a wild friggin' guess, buddy. (And yes, every word of that sentence is a different link.)

Oh, by the way, the show itself is getting pushed back further and further. They're hoping to have the pilot done and ready to air by the end of the year. And they wonder why people think it's a scam and a cash grab.


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    1. Huh, weird, it works for me. Oh well, I'll change it anyway.

  2. Hey, could you please at least credit the people on the Farms who actually went and dug up that info? That'd be neat.

  3. Waaaaaay late, but...Well, as of late, the fact that she voiced Precia Testarossa has recently become important for me. Guess what my favorite anime is. Yeah...