Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The true meaning of "indifference"

More info's come out about MD4 in the last few days, and the only thing I can muster for most of it is a resounding "meh". I mean, we already know it's going to be better than Gates to Infinity, but that was just baaaaad, so the bar is being set low. I'm honestly having trouble getting excited for this, because the more time passes, the more it seems to me like much of the stuff that made MD2 so great is stuff we're not getting back, making this Gates to Infinity with hunger, all Pokémon, and a few improvements here and there. Oh, and an apparent heavy reliance on fanservice, what with some continents being shaped like in the older MD games and NPCs dropping names from said games (a Kecleon is shown reminiscing about Marill and Azurill from Treasure Town in a screenshot, for instance). And I may have mentioned this before, but regular attacks still being capped at 5 damage, forcing you to use your moves, seriously screws over the exploration aspect of this game. Sure, you can rank up your moves and get more PP (along with power and accuracy), but that creates other balance problems that led to MD3 being referred to by some as "baby's first roguelike".

But of course, I'm probably alone in this and everyone else is shivering in anticipation. Right?

Edit: Just so you know, since I didn't mention it, the regular attack turning to shit is the thing I consider to be the single worst change in MD3. Worse than the Pokémon selection, worse than the starter selection, worse than no hunger, worse than the inability to take on more than one mission at a time, worse than the loss of IQ and everything related, worse than the miserable money cap, worse than EVERYTHING. And they brought it back. I'm willing to keep up on this game at release, but they better pull a whole bunch of rabbits out of that hat to make up for that.


  1. Nothing about this game has really caught my attention and got me excited. All of our starters are back, but that should've been a staple of the series all throughout.

  2. No, you're not alone, Slow. Even though it doesn't appear to be THAT bad, it still doesn't boast a unique charm like MD2 did. I'm willing to allot more time into following MD4 news with fairly high hopes, but Chunsoft really needs to bring its A-game.

  3. I've never been much of a Mystery Dungeon fan, so I'm not interested in this game anyway. They're not selling me on it...

  4. as someone who never beat Primal Dialga (i guess i didnt grind enough) and passed on Gates, I'm oddly excited for this game but I cant place why

    Something just feels significantly more...effortful, than what i saw of Gates

    1. It's really hard to do as badly as Gates did, so it's really no surprise. This looked better from day one the moment they said all Pokémon besides Volcanion were in.

    2. Yeah but beyond that.Can't really place my finger on it. Even from the onset, Gates never really interested me (not having all the pokemon wasnt really a deal breaker for me, but god that text crawl was a factor)
      Maybe I've just been itching to try it out again and enjoy the lower difficulty