Friday, June 19, 2015

Nintendo Treehouse: MD4 musings

I only just got around to watching this thing, so I'm going to write down my thoughts on it as I go, because why not?

2:23 - Cool or cute, huh? Wonder what that is? My best bet is that it's a gender selection in disguise.

8:21 - I think I've mentioned this before, but a starter at level 15 with the very arbitrary $3885 suggests to me that it's a demo build, and we're not likely to see this hold in the final game.

9:01 - Huh, only Intimidate is displayed as an ability for Stantler. Probably because Pokémon only have one ability like they did in MD3. (In the first two, Pokémon with two possible abilities actually had both.)

9:09 - The game displays accuracy rolls now? Not sure if I like. It might be interesting to see how close you got to getting a good/bad roll, but it's certainly frustrating if you miss an attack by 1. Hopefully there's an option to turn it off, because there's already a lot of text going around as it is.

9:20 - So wands seem to be multiple-use items you can use a finite amount of times until they break, huh? Pretty interesting as a counterpart to the single-use, powerful orbs.

9:27 - Reviver Seeds come in multiple sizes now? I don't know whether it's good news or bad news, I guess I'll need to play this to figure it out.

10:51 - Hunger returns! Seems like a definite sign they want to go back to the style of the first two games. You're not gonna see me complain.

12:32 - That off-screen ambush reminds me, is it me or are the 3DS games a lot more zoomed in that MD2 was? One thing I liked about MD2 was that while the graphical style was identical to MD1's, the increased resolution meant you could see further away. Always handy when you run into an Earth Power Nidoqueen or other such nonsense.

14:15 - Just noticed moves have a gauge next to them that seems to fill as you use them. Is that the return of the level-up mechanic from MD3?

18:08 - Yes, let's censor the name of the second dungeon in the game. That makes total sense, right? Well, unless this ISN'T the second dungeon, but what in the name of a dungeon that's early enough to be featured in a demo could be so spoilery?

19:25 - Regular Elixirs are in this game? I guess that's good, provided they're a bit more plentiful than Max Elixirs were in previous games. Otherwise it kinda defeats the point, right?

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