Tuesday, June 23, 2015

And here I thought Nintendo had trouble generating hype.

Always count on Square Enix to scuttle its own ship. First they announce that FF7 port and make people so angry that they go "fine, we'll make a remake like you wanted". But then they decide to tamper with it to enough of an extent that it probably won't feel like the same game. And with the way Square has been doing things over the last decade, it has people very worried - and I agree with them. The people who wanted this remake are those who grew up with it, and those people tend to despise the "modern" FF formula. Sometimes the best course of action is the easiest one, and you'd be guaranteed to please millions of people with a 1:1 remake. It doesn't need "reimagining", most people can agree on that. It was a fantastic game as it was - a bit overrated, sure, but not because the game was bad or anything, it just has crazy nutso fans. What, is late-90s "imagination" inferior by virtue of being older now? What they seem like they're doing is as if George Lucas rewrote the entire story to the original Star Wars trilogy so that it matches the horrid blandness of the prequels. You thought Greedo shooting first was a travesty? Brace yourselves, because clearly there's no getting offa this train Square's on. We're finally getting the most awaited and coveted game in existence, and they can't even give that to us without getting us worried they're gonna fuck it up.


  1. Oh trust me, there are company's with a much worse PR thing than Nintendo. Sure Ninteno hasn't done great, but they've still been very nice and such about things. Aside from your Square Enix example, just have a look at all of the BS Konami has pulled.

  2. "clearly there's no getting offa this train Square's on"

    Until the game releases, that is. *rimshot*

    ... Maybe. Who knows if that train is going to exist now?

  3. Nah, it'll probably just be some barely noticeable changes made to subtly improve the experience. Just minor things, like Cloud is now ex-STOCKBROKER, and Aerith is actually celebrity guest star Katy Perry.

    1. Aerith: "And you're gonna HEAR MY pray-" *shanked by Sephiroth*
      Sephiroth: "Thank. God. I always HATED that song."

    2. Sephiroth would be awesome if he actually killed Aerith for that reason.

  4. I became weary as soon as I realized that trailer was for an FF7 HD remake. There's no way they would've been able to make a 1:1 remake... All of the subtleties from the original cutscenes are gone, It's likely that the remake will feel like a different game, and that it won't really serve to be a definitive version. I'm ok with that; I've been playing the original and I don't think it's aged as badly as people say.

    Let's just hope that they don't fuck up hardcore. On one of the podcasts I listen to they joked that Lightning would be related to Cloud.