Tuesday, April 21, 2015

MK8 Animal Crossing DLC stats revealed

Even though no one really cares about this stuff except me.

Anyway, the Villager is in the same limbo weight class between middleweight and cruiserweight as Tanooki Mario. I did NOT see that coming, I totally had him pegged as a lightweight. Which Isabelle ended up being, so at least I got that right. It's a good thing the Villager wasn't one, though, because it was already the most overpopulated weight class to start with. We still don't know anything about Dry Bowser at the moment (no idea why we know EVERYTHING except for Dry Bowser), but super heavyweight is a safe bet.

As for the vehicles, the Streetle kart is an exact clone of the Blue Falcon, which is commonly believed to be the best vehicle in the game (if you're not me and you prefer outward drifters, that is). Yep, that makes MK8 pay-to-win, since you can't get that stat set outside of paid DLC. Meanwhile, the P-Wing kart is a clone of the Mach 8 and other similar vehicles - another popular choice. The City Tripper bike is a clone of the Pipe Frame and its reskins, and is clearly an outward drifter. Finally, the Bone Rattler ATV is a clone of the Tanooki Kart. The Leaf Tires are a clone of the Roller set (I'll probably end up using that, since it seems to fit with the Yoshi Bike nicely), and the Paper Glider is a heavy glider (as opposed to the Hylian Kite from the previous pack which was a light one).

This means this DLC pack has no unique stat sets (barring a surprise with Dry Bowser), though the Streetle and Bone Rattler, as well as the Villager, do if you disregard the first DLC pack.


  1. You and I do seem to be the only ones that find inward drifting so much better. When I went inward drifting in 8, I never looked back. Makes the earlier games that much harder to play, though...

  2. Ugh, outward drifting. Isn't inward drifting objectively better? I swear it was in MKWii. I can't use outward drifting karts at all anymore, they feel so imprecise compared to inward drifters. I love being able to hug curves right on the inside edge.

    1. Same here, that's why I stick with them. However, they nerfed inward drifters in a couple of ways. The most blatant one is the fact that in MKWii, all the vehicles with the best stats happened to be inward drifters. That's no longer the case, it seems to me like they went out of their way to give inward drifters more meh stats - and besides, whereas vehicles were the most important factor in determining stats in MKWii, here it's characters that are the big difference makers.

      Then there's the fact that there's a slight delay before you start turning when you drift with an inward drifter. It's not such a huge deal right off the bat, but it also means you can't get more than one mini-turbo per turn. Sure, you can get fully-powered mini-turbos with a bike now, whereas you couldn't in MKWii, but there are many looooooong turns where an outward drifter could effortlessly get two mini-turbos off. Inward drifters don't have that.

      And finally, there's this firehopping exploit only outward drifters can abuse. I can't do it anyway because I'm too much of a scrub, so I don't feel like I'm missing out on much.

    2. Makes sense, I suppose. Inward-drifters were also exclusively bikes in MKWii, and bikes had the extra advantage of being able to do wheelies. The combination of those factors definitely made inward-drifters the best.

      Eh, I'll use an inward-drifting vehicle over any other, no matter the stats. I'm not particularly competitive about Mario Kart, so I'll choose the method that provides the most fun.

    3. I still do decently well in online even without the Yoshi Bike. Serious, Bowser probably will look ridiculous. But as I've said, when I went inward, I never looked back. Since I used Automatic Drifting in Wii for some reason...Well, that and I wasn't aware of the best competitive things...Yeah. Only disadvantage to Bowser these days is pretty much that he obscures a bit more than, say, Morton. With the Hylian Kite, that's a bit less of a problem now...