Monday, April 20, 2015

A break from the rampant cynicism

I've had many goes at Nintendo in my day - nothing malicious, mind you, more tough love than anything, because at the end of the day I love their games in general. So it's about time I take a break from that and express my gratitude for the way the situation with my Wii U gamepad was handled. Because that was FAST. And absolutely free of charge, too. I mean, the warranty was still in effect, so whatever repairs or replacement I'd get probably would be free, but I didn't expect them to pay the shipping fees as well. And that was through Purolator and not Canada Post, which had to be more expensive too. Hell, the destination wasn't even in the same province!

So anyway, I sent it two weeks ago (the day after Easter), and received a brand new replacement today. It works like a charm, as you'd expect. I wonder if the old one was impossible to repair, or if they just decided, screw it, it's still under warranty, let's just send him a new one. Not that I'm complaining either way. So I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Nintendo for their exemplary customer service, after all the shit I gave them over the most trivial things.


  1. This is one thing that, no matter what happens, Nintendo has always done right. I've had to send in my 3DS and Wii for things and contacted them and they have always been incredibly helpful, paid for the shipping and done repairs efficiently and without a fuss. They also don't give any of the techno-babble that other companies would give.

  2. Lucky you. A friend of mine had Gamepad issues a couple months back. He called Nintendo's tech support, they were abhorrently rude to him, and claimed fixing/replacing it would cost some ludicrous amount of money (despite the fact that he bought the thing a month or two beforehand and thus should still be under warranty).

    So he just said "fuck it" and sold it.

  3. I think it's only recently that Nintendo has been having issues with customer service, mostly revolving around not making enough units to meet consumer demand. That doesn't make sense to me at all, to be honest. If they're making a single cent of profit on amiibos (and they should be, amiibos are clearly cheap to make) and other items, there should be no reason for them to not meet demand.

    But yeah, other than those recent scandals, Nintendo is usually great about serving customers, definitely better than Microsoft or Sony.

  4. My 3DS was out of warranty, but they still fixed it fast...