Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Suck it, Wizzro.

Turns out Hyrule Warriors' MM map is a nightmare too, sometimes at least. I just basically got forced into using the god mode (read: permanent item power-up) potion on a few missions in the Snowhead area. There's one in particular where you have to fight an inappropriately overpowered Wizzro - my level 77 Midna takes THIRTEEN HEARTS worth of damage if she's unfortunate enough to fall for his grab attack, and his neverending waves of projectiles can take off a good five or six too. The Mask of Truth is about as useful as tits on a snake, too - what the game doesn't tell you is that its effect lasts TWO MINUTES, not the whole battle like the tutorial pretends.

So what does one do when pushed to these extremes? Take it out on a whole bunch of Wizzros, of course. I did the Rupee contest mission just south of Clock Town to get a bomb, and it turned out to be the funniest thing ever. The greats hordes of Wizzros would just gravitate around me and get slaughtered. And when that happens, you steal some money from them, too. The end result? This. I know my result isn't super amazing, especially since I was doing it without the Rupee potion, but the AI getting such a miserable result is something I never expected, especially since I didn't go out of my way to kill the Wizzros or anything. Not pictured: the eight Wizzro robes I got, or me getting an A-rank despite getting straight up in the face of enemies that don't flinch when you attack them.


  1. Who needs the rupee potion when this exists: http://www.zeldainformer.com/news/heres-how-to-trigger-the-max-rupee-glitch-in-hyrule-warriors

    1. Sorry, cheating isn't exactly my go-to method for anything.

    2. It all depends on where you draw the line, then, because the item power-up potion could be considered cheating too. After all, you can spam light arrows to avoid getting near any enemies, so that's pretty game-breaking too. As I said before, the max rupee glitch is merely enhanced grinding, because chances are high that you're going to have to grind at some point anyway (after the original map, the MQ map, almost all of the TP map and some of the MM map, I STILL only had most characters hovering around 80), so you might as well save yourself a bunch of time.

      Even if you consider it cheating, the game cheats too, so fair is fair. By the way, a defense stat DOES exist, and grows with your level, so leveling is definitely the best way to handle the massive damage increase. The TP map is balanced around having characters at 150 or above. If you want to reach that level with most characters, you could spend 15 hours grinding on the lower-left MQ space, OR you could trigger the glitch two or three times, which takes an average of one hour for me.

    3. The item power-up potion was intended by the devs, though. Not so for the glitch. Besides, spamming light arrows has the unfortunate drawback of running out the clock.