Monday, February 9, 2015

Next suspect test: Mega Metagross

I had a feeling this would happen, though I thought it'd be quicker, what with Tough Claws having an impact that's arguably even greater than Adaptability on Lucario. I think we can safely assume this would've been done long ago had Steel still resisted Ghost and Dark, though.

As a side note, Serperior and Terrakion are gone from UU, meaning ANOTHER tier change for the former. The only thing left is a promotion to OU, which I doubt will happen. As for Terrakion, if memory serves me correctly it was already BL during Aegislash's reign of terror, so it's nothing surprising.


  1. Not a surprise. The only large downside to this thing is having to pick only four moves. This thing should be uber. Now when it gets to ubers it'll do nothing because of a pokemon named Groudon.

  2. Honestly, this makes me sad. First, Metagross sucks in OU. Then, he becomes relevant again with the Mega, which then proceeds to get banned to Ubers, which is all fine and dandy, but Groudon ensures he'll suck up there just like his base sucks in OU.

    Poor, poor Metagross. When's that LPU (Low-Pick Ubers) tier, huh?

    1. Metagross isn't the first Pokémon to which this happens, and it probably won't be the last. It is the coolest-looking out of them, if nothing else. Oh well, you can always try to pick up UU if you like it this much...