Monday, November 17, 2014

Let's say Ghirahim and Wizzro are on a team.

Who betrays the other first, and how long does it take?


  1. It depends on who else they're on a team with. If Cia is on the team, Wizzro will betray you first in less than two minutes. Anybody else, and it will be Ghirahim in a little bit less than the time it takes to kill a giant boss (45 seconds to a minute).

    If it's them alone, I imagine whoever turns their back first will get stabbed in the back.

  2. They'll do so both at the same time then clash each other's attack to then awkwardly stare at each other for a good five minutes out of sheer disbelief. But Ghirahim will be the one to break the silence first, expressing his fury, outrage and sickness with anger at Wizzro for copying his idea.
    I'm incredibly ashamed to say that I fully realize that this has great potential as a premise for some creepy fanfiction.

    1. And that's when Ghirahim dropped his pants

    2. I can't...
      The one sentence which officially made me regret all of my life choices. And yet I fully realize I brought this on myself. XD