Monday, July 21, 2014

Wait, traction is important in MK8?

So apparently the setup I use (the infamous 4.25 speed/4 accel one) is total crap because it has 1.75 traction. That's not me saying it, though. They say it's a death sentence on tracks like Dolphin Shoals and Sherbet Land, but to be quite honest I never really noticed anything in the latter (unlike N64 Sherbet Land in MKW with the Flame Runner, where yeah, you're fucked), and as far as Dolphin Shoals goes I only really feel the lack of traction in that one sharp turn before the !/$?$%ing segment with the pipes, and I'd say the reason why I struggle with this track is because I just suck at it. So as far as I'm concerned, traction's use is extremely marginal.

And even so, even if it was a huge difference maker on these two tracks, I'll gladly take sucking at them in exchange for better performance in the other 30. MKW had the same notion, where Sherbet Land and to a lesser extent Shy Guy Beach were misery for the best vehicles, and yet I don't remember anyone serious about winning using the Magikruiser just for these two tracks. It was Flame Runner and Mach Bike as far as the eye could see, Sherbet Land and Shy Guy Beach be damned.


  1. Apparently, to those people, the BEST vehicles have to == PERFECTION, otherwise it's worthless. *facepalm* Why don't/can't people accept the fact that there can't always be a "perfect" setup that destroys the competition without having to break a sweat? Ex.: Mewtwo is in the top 5 on the Uber tier, but that doesn't mean it's unbeatable.
    Also: Slowflake's censoring himself? Color me surprised.

    1. I think it was more for the purpose of emphasizing his frustration towards the sharp turn rather than a real need of censoring himself.
      Also, I think you're dramatizing a little bit, because there doesn't seem to be a real universal "perfect" kart combination...


    2. That's what I meant. There isn't a universal "perfect" kart combination but those people probably get overly angry at that fact.
      As for the "!/$?$%" thing: What you said was actually my first guess before I commented. Still, I would've thought that capitalizing the letters and adding asterisks would do the same thing. These are just words on a computer screen, not TV or video.