Saturday, February 1, 2014

The quest for Nita: The aftermath

Since I had nothing better to do, I decided to push on and see how far I could take my winning streak in the Battle Maison after taking out Nita. Oddly enough, near-misses were much less frequent after Nita than before, and I saw a lot less legendaries than in the six or so battles right before her as well.

The first occurence of things going wrong, at battle 69 (hur hur its funneh cuz its a secks thang), would also be the last, with a Protect-loving Tauros in the lead. Of course, this meant I couldn't land Entrainment, so I had to send Heracross to clean up. Durant was quite damaged, and as a result I was hoping for a Pokémon that was bad with special attacks.

What I got was a Latios.

My only chance at this point was to click Pin Missile, hoping that Heracross could tank the incoming Psychic with its improved defenses and perfect IVs. Of course, that didn't happen, so in desperation I sent out Durant to X-Scissor it. It did about 75%, which wasn't enough, and Durant got obliterated, which meant the end of my streak, since Blaziken didn't have anything to deal damage.

So that's how it ended, sadly. I was hoping the final fight would be a little more epic at least, not like... this.


  1. I just wanna say I'm proud of you for making a competitive (sort of) team on a cartridge after your years of shilling for simulators.

    1. That's because there's no Battle Maison simulator. That won't stop me from claiming simulators are the way to go, now and forever.

    2. I just think it takes something away from the game when you can instantly materialize your own teams, but to each his own.

    3. Guess so. For me, Pokémon aren't much more than glorified chess pieces, so I'm glad I get to skip out on the tedium of neverending breeding whenever I want to change teams.

  2. I have tried three times so far and I can't even get to the 50th battle. Okay I take it back 50 is still impressive even though I thought you would go for 100 wins.

  3. I'm so glad Chugga wasn't posting this, his fans would be spurting 69 throughout the comments. Seriously, bad luck. I guess Latios is a Pokemon you've grown to hate.