Saturday, January 18, 2014

The quest for Nita: One down!

The first step in breeding perfect Pokémon is to catch a whole bunch of Dittos at the Friend Safari in order to get many combinations of perfect IVs. I caught 15 of them, then proceeded to breed one of them that had perfect defense, special defense and speed with my female Jolly Heracross (which knew Rock Blast to boot). I know it's going to be hard to believe, but the second egg I hatched had all three. So I bred that one with a Ditto with perfect HP and attack, and made five eggs. One of them had a different combination of three 31s, so I took that one and bred it with a Ditto that also had three 31s, including two in different stats (meaning both parents had 31 in defense).

The second egg was a perfect Heracross.

Since you're probably thinking you misread that, I'll type it again:


Sure, that's without factoring in special attack, but still, it means that I went from zero to five 31s in NINE EGGS. Unfortunately my perfect Heracross is female, meaning I can't use it for Durant, but I have a male that has 31 in HP, defense, special defense and speed, so it's not too bad.

Next up is Durant, which is going to be a little more complicated, since a female with a DW ability only has a 60% chance of passing it down to its offspring. This means that any female with Swarm or Hustle, no matter how good its IVs are, is useless as a replacement mother.


  1. On your last post you mentioned Ditto in the FS. Who has the Friend Code for it?

    1. Wesley has the Friend Code for a Ditto. His FC: 4124-5489-8826. I'm not sure how you can contact him to have him add your FC(unless he added you already).

    2. In the 3DS Friend List, his line is "Yo! Stay cool!". In the in-game list, it's "Henshin!". "Wesley" is also his username on Blogger.

  2. Breeding shenanigans, huh? I actually had amazing luck with this one Drilbur. The two parents had the combined IVs I needed, but neither had the right nature, so I was just mass-breeding for the nature so I could everstone it down later. After about 5 duds, the next one I got was not only Adamant, but also had the 5 perfect IVs. Without an everstone, mind you.

    You want to talk breeding nightmares, though, try Switcheroo Noivern. You have to pass that move down about 3 times just to get it on a parent that can breed with Noibat. It didn't help that while I was breeding it, the pre-parents in the chain seemed to never want to give me male offspring, so I went through at least a dozen females of everything in the chain before even getting to the hard part of getting the IVs and nature right for the resulting Noibat. >_>