Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Is Serebii hiding more secrets?

Magma Storm is a move that's exclusive to Heatran, and as such we can't use it yet in X/Y, however Serebii already has a page for it, despite it not showing up in the Attackdex's drop-down lists, much like with legendary-exclusive moves not called Psystrike, Geomancy, Oblivion Wing or Land's Wrath. Where it gets really interesting, however, is that he lists Magma Storm as now having 100 power instead of 120. This makes sense, considering pseudo-trapping moves got their chip damage doubled this generation, but... how does he know that? The same way he knew about Diancie, Volcanion and Hoopa and had location pages for them even before the hacker found them, most likely. This is something we'll have to keep an eye on once Pokémon Bank comes out. (Oddly enough, Psycho Boost is listed as still having 140 power, whereas Leaf Storm, Overheat and Draco Meteor are now down to 130.)

On a different yet related subject, how do pseudo-trapping moves fare now that their chip damage has been doubled? Well... Goodra actually uses Infestation on rare occasions, but that's it, really. So nothing changed on that front, and they're just as unused as ever.


  1. You are forgetting that Heatran is a possible pokemon a partner can use in the Battle Maison. You could find out the power of those signiture moves through that I believe.

    1. While I do note Serebii does say that the Heatran there doesn't have Magma Storm, there is the possibility that there is one that's unlisted which does have it.

      On a different note, not the Kangaskhanite is under the banning microscope.

    2. Even so, if he has no Magma Storm Heatran listed it means he personally has absolutely no way to know Magma Storm's power.

      Shame about Mega Kangaskhan, unlike Gengar it was a Pokémon that really needed the hand, and it ended up being overkill.

    3. I want to teach my ninetales the Magma Storm TM sooooo badly.

    4. Magma Storm TM? I hope that was a typo...

    5. It's as real as the Sacred Fire TM.