Friday, June 28, 2013

You know it's true.

My thoughts every time a wild low-leveled Pokémon attacks me in the post-game.


  1. Aw, I was going to point out the inaccuracy that Dream Eater doesn't work on Normal-types, but apparently Dream Eater is a Psychic move. How did I never know that?

  2. They may as well adapt the dialogue from the beginning of Hellsing Abridged when you pass by a weak Trainer you forgot to humiliate before becoming Champion. This time, they are intentionally trying NOT to see your Kyogre, aka Nuke: the Pokemon...
    Personally, I think that they would just want to be annoyances. Think about it: you are on your way to Celestial Tower to EV train your Darkrai in Special Attack, then you fall of the beam things, then you are attacked every step by Watchogs and Tranquills. They know you have to get somewhere, so they have to impede your progress just to be annoying...