Monday, June 24, 2013

It's on!

The Speed Gamers' Final Fantasy marathon is on right now! They're raising money for ACT Today, a charity for care and treatment of people with autism, so if you have some spare change you want to get rid of, they're taking all donations!

Remember that should they hit the $20000 mark, I will announce the Let's Play that will be following up Star Road on this blog, so check back!

Edit: Turns out I'm a fool, their $15000 target is the first of many if I understand it correctly. This means the announcement will be taking place in a matter of days, barring a shocker.

Edit 2: We will be having an actual speed run for a change later today (Thursday)! Color me surprised! Essentia, holder of the FF6 world record with a blazing 4:48, will be working her magic at 5 PM Eastern. As a side note, only $8000 were raised so far. UNACCEPTABLE.


  1. Haha, and you made such a big deal about it, too! Whatever makes them more money in the long run, I suppose.

  2. Looks like you not only are seeing Final Fantasy 6 this time, but you are seeing someone break it to get an impressive time and impressively low level. Granted, you probably already know how to take down Kefka's final form in one attack (multi-hit, but still)...

  3. Well what do you call the Final Fantasy Legends playthroughs? Surely those were also speedruns.

    1. Yeah, but still, having genuine speedruns by card-carrying, government-approved speedrunners is a rarity.

    2. You mean like how James Sunderland is a professional protagonist?...