Monday, April 1, 2013

More poll issues?

Seems like Blogger's having issues with its polls again. I'm pretty sure I've seen one or two votes vanish a couple times. I'd appreciate it if you could tell me if you noticed anything. Like, "haven't I already voted on this poll? Why can I still vote then?"


  1. Starter polls seem to go many ways depending on how you group them (type, evolution stages etc), but yeah.

    Gen IV is one of the few Generations where all three starters' final evolutions are really great aesthetically, so I'm not surprised by this poll readout at all. (As opposed to say Gen V because lol Emboar)

    1. Eh, Gen 3's look cool to me. I have stated that I love Blaziken. Sceptile looks good as well. Swampert does not look half bad for a Pokemon whose pre-evolution is a crappy meme and who got screwed out of OU by a Pokemon with worse stats, yet a better Ability and function, then Swampert. 4's look good. 5 does have Emboar (kind of meh in looks)...