Sunday, February 3, 2013

MD1 gen 3 spin-off of choice + gen 4 poll

The generation 3 poll was going to be an interesting one, because all of the big spin-offs look horrible compared to other games: MD1 and Ranger 1 compared to their sequels, and Colosseum and XD compared to the main games. In the end, MD1 was by far the least bad of the bunch, with 101 votes out of 199. The Gamecube RPGs follow far behind, with XD and Colosseum obtaining 39 and 28 votes respectively. Ranger 1, with 12 votes, came really close to being beaten by Pinball 2, which had 11. Channel (5), Trozei (2) and Dash (1) picked up the remaining scraps. In the end, MD1 and XD will advance to the final poll.

Now, it's time for gen 4! In my opinion, this was probably the strongest generation in terms of spin-offs, so it'll be fun to see how this goes...


  1. Definitely MD2, but Ranger 2 is close behind.

  2. I'm going to quote a comment from the last poll post.

    "Gee, let me thin- mystery dungeon!"

    Mystery Dungeon 2 by STORM. Literally no contest.

  3. I have played none of those games, but I have heard the best things of Mystery Dungeon 2. On that note, I wonder what will win! I am TOTALLY not being sarcastic because I DO NOT know that the winner WILL NOT be Mystery Dungeon 2. I had to go back and count the nots to make sure that it was an even number...

  4. Wow. Two people voted for Revolution. Surely they have not played the others...

  5. Did the Wii Version of Mystery Dungeon ever get realised internationally?

    1. No. Which should give you an idea of how terrible it was. Even Typing Adventure was released in Europe (but not NA)...

  6. Released? Nope! Some would say it is for the better. Sort of like how we may not get Rockman XOver here in America...

  7. I again vote for the amazingness that is MD Sky, but this time I acknowledge that Ranger 2 and 3 as well as Rumble both are pretty cool as well. BR was much worse than Stadium 1/2 though, MDWii was terrible (Better or worse than Magnagate? You could have an argument.), and Pokepark deserves no introduction.

    You know what we need? Add a microphone attatchment for Pokepark 3, make it Pokepark 3: Hey You Pikachu! 2, and give people reign over a small number of pokemon who will always horribly misconstrue what you say. That would be fun for kids, and at least amusing to watch for adults.

  8. I played Explorers of Darkness, and though I still love the Ranger games, MD2 takes it by a small margin this time.

  9. "In my opinion, this was probably the strongest generation in terms of spin-offs, so it'll be fun to see how this goes..."

    Mystery Dungeon 2 curb-stomp. No surprises really. Looking back, the only other spinoff up there I enjoyed is Ranger 2.