Friday, February 8, 2013

Magikarp finally learns a fifth move

Gotta love those useless events, right? The most recent one, straight from Japan, is a shiny Magikarp... at level 99. I guess the point is that it's for those that are too lazy to level a Gyarados up to 100... I guess? Anyway, they missed a golden (despite the Magikarp's color) opportunity to be the biggest trolls ever and give away a level 100 one instead, which means it could never evolve. I mean, they already did that crap with the Spiky-Eared Pichu, right? Oh well, it's a free shiny... if you live in or around Nagoya, I guess...

Anyway, the most interesting thing is that this Magikarp happens to know Hydro Pump. Not such a big deal since Gyarados has always known it (and Hydro Pump is horrible on it regardless), but it just so happens that before now, Magikarp had only obtained one new move ever since GSC brought it Flail, that being Bounce in Platinum. So you can now legitimately build a four-move set for Magikarp that doesn't involve Splash! Little Cup players better beware, Hydro Pump Magikarp is the new metagame!


  1. It does provide more variety in strategies in Magikarp Slite Four runs, though. However, this event really is pointless. A Red Gyarados is readily available every time you play HeartGold and SoulSilver, and why would you use Hydro Pump when you can use Aqua Tail or Waterfall on Gyarados? Also, EV training that thing will not exactly be the most cost-effective thing to do...

  2. I still think this is hilarious. :P
    (And I don't see how Hydro Pump would be legal on Magikarp in the Little Cup when the one given away is already Level 99 and has no possible Egg moves or whatsoever...)

    1. There's one perfectly logical explanation: I don't even play Little Cup.

  3. I hate to say it, but I am afraid Luvdisc is a bit better than Magikarp. Luvdisc has more of a movepool than him, anyway...

  4. It's better than the event move that Magikarp was given in the 2nd generation. In those games, an event gave it Bubble...