Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Troll of the day + bad life choices on YouTube

Remember NicoCW? He's a long-time regular of mine, and also a very skilled music remixer. I even used some of his stuff for a recent Wind Waker video. Well, his latest work is Lava Powerhouse from Sonic Spinball, which was apparently obscure enough to prompt a question that got a response that I found to be simply priceless. I know lemonparty.org (DON'T GO THERE!) gets most of its hits from stuff like that, but the fact that this is a Sonic variant is very amusing to me. Probably because while some fanbases are known for their obnoxiousness and bad manners, Sonic's is without question the most perverted one. I don't even want to think about Googling that.

On that note, here's something that I noticed, having a YouTube channel that has a decent amount of traffic. Remember how YouTube asked us if we wanted to use our real names there a while back? Since then, I've noticed that the enormous majority of stupid comments I get are from people who use their real names. The opposite holds as well: most of the people who go by their real names now are dumber than a hockey puck. It couldn't be because going by your real name on a site like YouTube is asking for lots of trouble, could it? With the kind of material you're giving out, don't be surprised if your employment chances melt down faster than your extra lives in Lava Powerhouse.


  1. I don't mind using my real name on Youtube at all (I started doing so on Blogger when John Wells asked commenters on his blog to because he made a convincing argument) but when I tried it wanted me to make a Google+ account.

    I suspect that's the stumbling block - the people likely to be happy with using their real name don't want Google+, so the only people who do it are the ones who blindly click Yes to everything.

  2. What is the point in using my real name when I can use a pseudonym made from the names of my 2 favorite gaming characters?...

  3. Not to be rude slow, but do you mean people who don't use their real name make decent comments, but people who do use their real name are dumber than a hockey puck? Though I'll admit I've made quite a few stupid comments in the past, I'm in no rush to hand out my real name.

    1. For the most part, that's what I've observed. Most of the facepalm moments I've had recently were from people who went by their real names. Of course there are exceptions both ways, so this isn't a statement about every last person that uses their real name and/or makes stupid comments. And the hockey puck comment referred to those people's behavior not hinting at a very strong degree of intelligence, not to the choice they've made of going by their real name (for all that in most corners of the internet it's an absolutely horrible idea).

    2. I was just saying you basically said "they're stupid but on the other hand they're stupid," on the blog. I don't think that was intentional. Sorry to be a grammar nazi or whatever, it just kinda confused me at the time.