Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Where are my poll results?

Well, seems like I lost the results for the current poll, through no fault of my own. I just came back to find out only one solitary vote is left for the Hidden Grottoes. Great. I'll keep the poll up in the event that the votes miraculously come back, but I might be hoping for too much here. All I really remember is the nail-biting affair between the Fanservice Tournament and Challenge Mode (as I really don't think anyone really cares about Easy mode, though to be fair this probably is the hardest main series game thus far even without Challenge Mode), and how poorly the Funfest Missions and Join Avenue did. I'm not sure if it's because most people have yet to realize their true potential, but nonetheless, it's good to remember that Funfest Missions are the best way to grind for all kinds of stuff, especially shards (though before the post-game which shards you find depend on your version, sadly), while Join Avenue gives you discounts that quickly stack up when you level it up. Just saying.

Edit: Another vote came in, yet the vote total still says "1", and both options with a vote have 100%. This thing is borked beyond repair.


  1. Changing my vote seems to have done nothing. I say we have a secondary vote in these comments! (Mine was Challenge Mode.)

    Also, I wanted to hear your thoughts on the Dream Radar, Slowflake. I'm not sure if you sprung for it, and I can't recall your opinion from LP videos. I bought it because it's merely $3 here in America, and it's a surprisingly fun mini-game with lots of opportunities for nice Pokemon and rare items (max revives, Sacred Ash, evolutionary stones, focus sashes, life orbs, etc.). It's not exactly a 'feature' of BW2, but it is an enjoyable diversion for me.

    1. I've heard nothing but bad things about it. It sounds like something that should've been included in the game, it doesn't even look good enough to throw down three bucks on it.

    2. Well, that's my experience with it. It's actually the only reason I'm using a Starmie on my in-game team, because otherwise I'd have to wait until Route 13 to get one. (Not that I'm using my Analytic Staryu, I traded it over to Black to breed it and get Natural Cure and Modest.)

    3. Pokemon Dream Radar is a little bit tedious, but not that bad. I had a spare 3$ from back when I bought a few Kirby games on 3DS Eshop and I think it's a nice bonus at a fair price. Sure, it's nothing outstanding and far from being an absolute "must", but hey, if you prefer to play minigames on the Dreamworld to get Pokemon with their hidden abilities, it's your choice. :P

      My only complain is how you can transfer the trio in Therian form only ONCE to any copy of Black 2 or White 2. So right now, I had to put my progress on hold, because I don't want to have a billion of Pokemon to temporarily trade once I start a new file in Challenge Mode just to get them back later. Both because of my laziness and that I want them to have my own Trainer ID and not the one from my temporary save file.

  2. Since the vote will not register, my favorite was the easy/challenge (coughChallenge) modes. They at least are trying to appeal to the older fans. Also, hey, slightly more experience for every Poke killed...