Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Nintendo botches PWT download

From Serebii:

For those of you with the international games, the first Pokémon World Tournament download tournament has been reissued due to an error in one of the finalist's teams. This error caused one of the trainers to have a team which did not reflect their team they used in the VGC. This reissue is currently live internationally, but not in the Japanese versions. At this time, it's not possible to redownload it if you have currently downloaded the errored one. As such, we've edited our Download Tournament page to include the new team.

Umm... how do you botch that? It's not just one Pokémon they got wrong, it's THE ENTIRE TEAM. I'm thinking maybe it's a quarter-finalist's team or something that got on there by accident, but don't they proofread that stuff to make sure they get it right? Sucks for the people who already downloaded that thing only to find they have the wrong team, and due to the way the game is programmed it's impossible to patch or fix. Also sucks for the guy who actually won the right to have his team on there, even though they changed it a few days in.

On another note, I would like to ask anyone with knowledge of the VGC metagame a question. Why are there so many Hitmontops and Cresselias on these teams? Why are they so much better in a VGC setting than in standard singles OU?


  1. Hitmontop is popular in VGC due to his two traits working well in doubles as well as his priority moves.

    Cresselia's popularity comes from Levitate (Earthquake is popular due to the fact that it hits) but I'm not sure why else.

  2. Cresselia is a bulky user of Icy Wind in the VGC. In the VGC environment, lowering the speed of both your opponents is a great thing to be able to do and with Cresselia's bulk it can take more than 2-3 hits and shatter the speed of the other side. If Cresselia's ally sets up Stealth Rock to discourage switching then it's even more effective. And as mentioned, immunity to Earthquake to help an Earthquake spamming partner is a big bonus.

    Hitmontop was initially partnered with Kyogre to form a brutal team until Kyogre was banned after 2010. Nowadays, Hitmontop is mainly used for either intimidating it's opponents or using it's technician boosted priority moves, including Fake Out to disable one of the opponents to give your ally more time. It's also a good user of Wide Guard to defend against opposing Earthquake.

  3. I'm sure glad I didn't register for that tournament yet. I've already been tortured by losing my GSC pokes in someone's pokemon yellow with a dying battery that corrupted the save file.