Thursday, October 25, 2012

And speaking of Skelux's hacks...

THIS happens. On the same day I announced I was going to LP Star Road, another one of his creations. Now I haven't played this one, but it looks absolutely crazy. The Mario recolor not being Luigi is probably going to tick off some people, especially with all the urban legends about Luigi being in the game back in the late 90s. But oh well, two-player SM64! To top it all off, he's doing the same for Star Road. You know, because only one player trying to struggle through Hidden Palace Finale wasn't hectic enough.

The Star Road 2 status update in the movie description makes me sad, though. Not one level designed yet... unless he means making the actual first level in the game (the first world made for the first game ended up being world 10). So that's an LP that's not happening any time soon.

1 comment:

  1. Interesting and ironic, not that I'm going to actually get that ROM hack. I'd need a friend that also plays Nintendo games first of all. Mostly Microsoft fans where I live and I'd rather play the game with someone I know in real life so no one ask me.(not that anyone would) Besides, I'm not the best at SM64 so I'd rather not embarrass myself.