Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Genesect revealed, distribution next month

In an unexpected turn of events, Genesect was officially revealed as early as today in this month's CoroCoro. Usually event Pokémon are unveiled much later than that, so this is surprising. However, the really big shocker is that it's going to be DISTRIBUTED next month! If you know how to count like I do, that's three new event Pokémon distributed in the span of two months. This is odd, as Genesect is poised to star in next year's movie, and event Pokémon are typically distributed while or just before the movies come out in theatres in Japan. Unless it's the same thing as what happened with Victini, who was released through an in-game event as soon as BW1 came out, then re-released later with V-Create? But then, what move would they give Genesect in the second distribution? Techno Blast is already a level-up move, and it's absolutely horrible to boot...

It's also going to be interesting to see how it's going to shake up the metagame (only two days after Shadow Tag Gothitelle, may I remind you), as it's always been a huge favorite in the DW metagame, and an incredibly effective Pokémon overall. Problem is, the DW ladder doesn't have team preview, and since it's a dedicated lead there it might mean bad news for its transition on the regular ladder. Nonetheless. the sheer fact that it's third in use behind Chandelure and Tyranitar hints at a possible suspect test for the thing. This wouldn't surprise me at all, quite frankly.


  1. ...the DW ladder doesn't have team preview? Seriously?! How is it supposed to be a crystal ball showing the future of the OU metagame if it doesn't have one of the most fundamental defining changes of Generation V?

    As for Techno Blast, might Genesect work in rain with a Douse Drive? It doesn't learn any good Water-type moves, so Techno Blast measures up reasonably well against Hidden Power.

    1. You'd have to sacrifice an item slot just for that. You'd be way better off with Hidden Power and a Choice item.

    2. Also, I don't know WHY Genesect would need a Water Type move. It gets Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Flamethrower. Psychic and Bug Buzz. Water wouldn't get any significant coverage I think. Tyranitar is hit by Bug Buzz. The only notable coverage a Water Type move would give I can find is against Heatran