Friday, July 20, 2012

DW ability poll results

Last poll's result about remaining DW abilities was fairly predictable, with Shadow Tag Chandelure being the runaway winner with 90 of the 240 votes. Seems like Gothitelle isn't lighting any fires, eh? Second place was just as expected, with Contrary Serperior getting 59 votes. The battle for third was much more heated, with Lightningrod Zapdos (21) barely edging out Sheer Force Feraligatr (19). Water Absorb Suicune with 15, Iron Fist Conkeldurr with 13 and Ice Body Regice with 10 also got double digits. Unlike Flash Fire Typhlosion which got 7 votes, and Volt Absorb Raikou, Flash Fire Entei and Intimidate Scrafty which got two apiece.

Now what? To be perfectly honest, I have no ideas whatsoever for new polls, so you get nothing for now. On top of that, we've hit a massive news drought, AND there's nothing I feel like talking about, so this place sort of seems dead right now. I would also like to remind you that my upload schedule might get more scarce over the next couple weeks, so be patient!


  1. You mentioned you're probably going to switch out most of your team for the postgame in your Pokémon White LP; how far ahead do you plan stuff like that? Any thoughts? Are we going to see the return of Tyranitar?

    1. Probably, though it's likely to be at the expense of Excadrill. Sand Rush just isn't worth very much in-game.

  2. What is your planned post-game team?

  3. Wait Slowflake, since you play Diablo and stuff, do you know about Curse?