Monday, July 2, 2012

After White 2 owners, Gamefreak trolls women

I'm putting this after the jump since these may qualify as BW2 spoilers.

So here's the deal: there's a sidequest that can ultimately net you Pokémon with their Dream World abilities. Before I get into the sexist part, though, let's take a look at what this sidequest is, courtesy of Serebii:

To get these trades is rather convuluted. You first need to find the Forgotten Item in Nimbasa City. From there, you will be called when you enter random areas by the owner of the item. After the 10th call, the person will call you and tell you to meet in Nimbasa to return their Item. When you do, they will be added to your Xtransceiver. Call them to total 30 times, but you can only call from places which fulfill the conditions. On the 30th call they'll tell you they want to meet at Nimbasa City where they'll ride the Ferris Wheel with you. Call them to total 50 times, in the 40th call they'll be 'SOUND ONLY', in the 50th call they'll be wearing their work clothes, and cut the line in a second or so. Call them a 51st time. wait a day and then call them again and they'll meet you in Nimbasa City and offer to trade, willing to have any Pokémon. This can be repeated each day to go through all of their Pokémon. The Pokémon you receive varies based on your gender

My first thought when reading that was, wow, that sounds like one of those crummy rumors about unlocking Luigi in Super Mario 64, or thawing out Zora's Domain in OoT. But the real catch is when you take a look at the last sentence. Turns out the Pokémon will be the opposite gender of your character. Meaning, if you want to be able to breed those DW abilities (and thus get one of these Pokémon without a nickname), you're going to have to pick the male character. Period. No way around it. The worst part is, they knew what they were doing. They have a long history of making female DW Pokémon hard to access, and then they go and gimp whoever picks the female character this hard. Bravo, Gamefreak. Fortunately, the only ability that's currently exclusive to this method is Gluttony Snorlax, and I don't think anyone's going to lose sleep over that. Still...


  1. I should have known that you would put a new update just for this, oh well, you probably already know my opinion, so I'll just comment the sidequest as a whole instead.

    If I understood well, you basically need to harass a poor Nimbasa citizen until he/she trades you every of his/her Pokemon so you can leave him/her alone. Wow.

    Remember kids, if you endlessly harass people, they'll give some Pokemon. This also works with harassing your parents to get Pokemon games.

  2. What a fucking ridiculous sidequest. When I first saw it on Serebii this morning, I thought I'd somehow slept all the way round to April 1st.

  3. They couldve improved the crappy online experience yet they waste time coding shit like this?

  4. It turned out this was just an assumption. You can soft reset for the gender of the Pokemon before trading regardless of your player character's gender.