Saturday, June 30, 2012

BW2 info - A slow day at the office

I think we're almost done here, Serebii claims he's got all the Hidden Hollow Pokémon, which only leaves the Dream World. Smogon's on top of things here, confirming today that Gigalith gets Sand Force, Vanilluxe gets Weak Armor, Scolipede gets Quick Feet and Klinklang gets Clear Body. And that's ALL that's coming out of today. Four abilities on weak Pokémon. All that's left to look forward to is the possibility of finding Gothita or Litwick in the Spooky Manor. No one has met those as of yet, but we're all expecting it, just waiting for the moment where the community will be sent into generalized panic.


  1. Is there any details on how many EV's buying at the dojo in join avenue gives? Serebii has no details, but confirms that you can buy EV's there when you have the right people

    1. Not as far as I know. I don't see any details on the cost, either... the ones that give levels are probably going to be crazy expensive. Like, in the millions.

    2. Smogon as always has us covered.

      "I just tested out the dojo and cafe. Special defense level 4 apparently costs 6k pokedollars to put in 4 EVs. And the speed one for the Cafe puts 20 EVs for 36k. So they're pretty much worse than vitamins, but I guess you might be able to pump stats after vitamins through this like the wings."

    3. Thanks! If you have any more info, make sure to tell me, okay? I'm really curious to see the cost of the items that aren't garbage.

  2. Hey slow, apparently Smogon is moving off of PO and is going to Pokemon Showdown

  3. Wow, you will probably already know by the time you read this comment, but there is a pretty obscure sidequest that has been discovered on Serebii recently that leads to a bunch of trades of Pokemon with their Dream World Ability for absolutely anything you want to trade in return.

    The problem is, the Pokemon you get is always female if you're playing as the male character and always male if you're playing as the female character.

    I personally don't have any problems with that since it will be a little bit less tedious for me to get a Justified Gallade, but still... way to troll girls and guys who like to choose the female character Game Freak.