Saturday, June 23, 2012

New poll: Releases in other regions

Last poll was about the overabundance of new forms in BW2 (though I guess now we can scratch up Keldeo's Resolution form, since it does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING), and almost all of the 307 voters are split between thinking there's too many (165) and not caring at all (120). 19 thought the amount was just right, and three think there should be more.

Next question: does it affect your anticipation towards a game when it's released in another region first? (Of course Pokémon is the lead offender, but it goes for other games as well.)


  1. Wow... Tough one, I can't decide between "If anything, it makes me want it more" or "Absolutely, I hate not finding stuff out by myself" but I think I'll go with if anything, it makes me want it more.

  2. It just feels like a massive tease in the end - I avoid endgame plot spoilers, but all the version exclusives and finding out features etc. is just making me rage that I don't know Japanese.

  3. When it comes to Pokemon (or Mario, my two favourite video game series), I literally absorb spoilers. For example, I couldn't wait four months until the release of BW2 without knowing enough stuff to keep me happy. If I knew absolutely nothing about BW2, there would be one point in the long wait where I just go mad.

    However, if I'm playing an older game for the first time, eg. A Link to the Past (which I have never played), I would probably try to avoid all spoilers until I finish the game. So if it's a new game, I'd absorb the spoilers, but if it was an old one that I've never played before, I'd avoid the spoilers.