Saturday, June 23, 2012

BW2 info - The thirde

As usual, remember to check out yesterday's post in its entirety, I kept updating it even after burying it under the marathon post!

- Let's begin by talking about yesterday's post, where I said Fusion Bolt, Fusion Flare, Freeze Shock and Ice Burn were usable by all forms. That was an assumption I made based on the fact that they were featured in the level-up movesets of the Black and White forms, and there was no precedent for those moves being deleted automatically (for instance, Shaymin-L can still use Air Slash as a hand-me-down). Well, turns out I lied. The Black and White forms won't care too much about this, but the loss of Fusion Bolt and Fusion Flare is a catastrophe for Kyurem-N. Had it not been for its decent tutor acquisitions, it might've slipped down into UU - and might still do so depending on what happens.

- Speaking of which, on the Smogon front there's talk of re-testing all the ubers that may become more contentious with BW2's release, such as Garchomp and Thundurus-I. No decision as of yet, as far as I know.

- Regice and Registeel are essentially version exclusives. Sure, version exclusive legendaries have been done a million times before, but I NEVER expected that it'd be the case for Regice and Registeel of all things! There's a twist, though: when you catch Regirock, you get a key depending on your version, one key gives access to Regice and the other to Registeel. But you can share the key with a player with the opposite version, so it's not as painstakingly difficult to get both legendaries at the same time as if you had to trade for the legendaries proper.

- As of this writing, it seems the genies, despite being in the Unova Dex, haven't been sighted yet. Apparently a man on route 7 shows you pictures for their Dex entries, which hints at them not being in the game at all, and are instead a Dream Radar thing and nothing else. Suddenly cramming extra legendaries makes more sense, since three of them aren't around anymore.

- HYDREIGON DOES NOT GET QUIVER DANCE AS AN EGG MOVE.  No one told me about that yet, but some people are spreading false rumors. As far as we know, there are no new egg moves in this game.

- Unova Dex version exclusives! In addition to the returning Whimsicott/Lilligant, Gothitelle/Reuniclus, Braviary/Mandibuzz and Reshiram/Zekrom pairings, Black 2 gets Lopunny, Magmortar, Heracross and Grumpig, while White 2 gets Delcatty, Electivire, Pinsir and Camerupt. Ergo, White 2 gets the shaft big time. Pinsir/Heracross is especially insulting, since discarding the fact that Pinsir doesn't actually evolve into Heracross, Heracross is still pretty much to Pinsir as Scizor is to Scyther. Post-game exclusives (aside from Regice and Registeel) are still unknown for the time being.

- A fifth Pokémon with a DW ability was found on route 4: Weak Armor Mandibuzz. All three of its abilities are crap, so do with that what you will. I personally prefer Overcoat myself. However, Mandibuzz is a Black 2 exclusive, so maybe there's a Defiant Braviary somewhere in White 2? Probably not in the desert, because let's be honest, vultures belong in the desert, but eagles aren't. Speaking of which, why wasn't Vullaby a desert denizen from the start?

- On Serebii's gift Pokémon page for BW2, he put Skill Link as Zorua's ability. This is a mistake due to a copypasting job, Zorua and Zoroark only have Illusion, and no DW ability whatsoever.

- Shards are found with the Dream Radar, no word on whether they can be found in BW2 itself, and how easily. I'd be pissed if I needed the Dream Radar to use tutors.

- Apparently you run into a LOT of the Pokémon N used in the first game, such as Ferroseed, Klink and Boldore. It's said they sparkle... except a few shiny fakeout freakouts. Or should I say, HUUUUGE FAKEOUT FREAKOUTS.

- The final battle against Achroma pits you against a Rotom-W. To my knowledge, this is the first time ever that a trainer possesses an alternate form.

- You're given a shiny Gible for completing the main attraction of Black City / White Forest (I'm always about to type Black Forest for some reason... mmm, Black Forest cake). Unless I'm forgetting something blindingly obvious, this is only the third time you're given an easy shiny in-game after the shiny Gyarados from GSC/HGSS and the Odd Egg from Crystal. After many people voiced their concerns about the new shiny-inducing item devaluing shinies as a whole, it'll please you to know that your shiny Garchomp is now COMPLETELY WORTHLESS! (Of course, you can always fall back on the location where it was caught, but who pays attention to that?)


  1. It seems like this game will be the best pokemon game so far in mine opionion. One thing in don,t understand is why they have both patrat and rattata + evoultions in the same dex! They are so similar after all. And raticate is in my opinion superior. Watchog is by far the worst 5th gen pokemon. Stop making rats look so weak and make something another then weak stage two normal types early in the game! The only exeption was Poochyena but still. And i still don,t know how the difficulty key work. But i really like that they gave sandshrew/Sandslash some good ground types moves by level up finally.

  2. By the way Slowflake, now that we know the version exclusives, have you decided which version you'll be LPing after White 1?


      Although it doesn't cover the version exclusives for the post-game, these are the version exclusives for the regional dex.

  3. After reading this, I am super excited for your white let's play. (i think you said you were doing white).

    1. What does this post have to do with his LP of White 1?

    2. Because it has to do with pokemon and the fact that he hasn't started white yet, means it's real soon. Plus I can't wait to see the team he puts together and that kind of stuff.

  4. Involuntary trolling FTW ! I'm sure Game Freak didn't intend on making them worthless, but oh well. It's not like every decision they took were always unanimously approved, right ?

    My little brother will feel like he's in heaven though, because he wasn't lucky enough to encounter a single shiny yet. That should make him happy at least.

    About the Shining Charm, I'm sure it increases the chances by something like 10% maximum. (And a 10% increase on a 1/over 8000 chance shouldn't be that big of a deal... I think... I'm in a language program after, I'm not doing any math anymore... ^^" )

    Anyway, I don't think they would ever distribute an item that makes Shinies completely insignificant.