Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New poll: alternate form overkill?

Last time, I asked you whether you had favorite types or not, and out of 231 voters, 67 do! That's honestly a bit more than I anticipated, but hey, whatever floats your boat, right?

This week's question: with the genies and Keldeo, is Gamefreak going too far in the sheer quantity of alternate forms being introduced these days? Are they still something special, or has the novelty worn off?


  1. I look at it as they're pokemon, and I like pokemon.

  2. If we're counting transformations such as Zen Mode Darmanitan and Castform, etc. I would have to say "no". I don't want TOO many of them, but one or two of them per generation seems about right, to mix things up a little.

    If we're solely talking about legendaries: yes. In fact, in my opinion we're getting too many legendaries nowadays! Well, alright, that's not strictly true: I feel we're getting too many legendaries for the sake of having more legendaries (for instance, Darkrai, Shaymin, and Cresselia, thematically, didn't really fit the D/P/P mould), and more formes for the sake of having more formes. I can't think of a good reason for the genie trio or Keldeo to have alternate formes other than to fill some kind of a quota. It just seems like it's kind of an easy way to drum up some free interest for the deluxe version(s) of a generation. I just hope Pokémon doesn't start becoming more like Yu-Gi-Oh!

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    1. I think they are just bad and not needed. I becames angry at pokemon quite easyily now. The lazy forms, the bad 5th gen starters they love to market and the effort the awful anime get,s. Soon every 5th gen legendary has a new lazy designed form. Cobalin will have green eyes-Green eyes form + 5 attack - 5 speed. Virizion body will be darker-Dark soul form - 5 defense + 5 special attack. Terrakions mouth will be read-Bloody mouth form. + 5 HP - 5 attack Victini will have two new forms. On the first one it will be thinner whit more muscles and it will get 1+ in it,s offensive stats and 1+ in it,s defensive 1-. Strenght form and then it will be a Fat form that get,s it,s stat changed reversed. And Genesect will be pure steel and completly gray and will be called Form 2. And then they will get more forms then that.....now i stop. But honestly Gamefreak. Make a remake of the first games on Wii U or something and make the main series alot harder.

    2. My first maybe nooby comment on this blog.

    3. They already curved up the difficulty enough so my little 9 years' old brother can't even play by himself without consistently asking me for advises in Pokemon Black when he can play any other version by himself just fine. If they do it even more the games will be way too hard for their targeted demographic.

      Hardcore fans from way back in Gen 1 aren't the only ones playing these games you know and while I agree that Keldeo's alternate form is clearly stupid and overkill, I don't think they will do the same thing for every legendary.