Monday, June 11, 2012

Bulbagarden deserves a medal!

Take a look at this, if you will. Upon reading this, I just wanted to give the fine people of Bulbagarden a standing ovation. It's about time we, as a civilization, stand up and oppose any kind of hate on any minority, be they ethnic or otherwise. As they point out, the venom that's being discharged on LGBTs on a daily basis is an elephant in the room for purely political reasons, but the general idea of hate is something that far transcends the political spectrum. And as long as we chicken out from our duty as a society to accept everyone equally, giving ourselves excuses such as "politics", minorities keep living a nightmare for no valid reason whatsoever. Bravo, folks of Bulbagarden. Well done.

I would also like to remind everyone that the same policy has always applied, and will continue to apply here, whether it's on this blog or my YouTube channel. I don't give a crap about whether you're white, black, Hispanic, Asian, heterosexual, homosexual. Christian, Muslim, atheist or otherwise - if you're willing to respect everyone for what they are, and don't have a warped "truth" to shove down everyone's throats, I will never let anyone take a dump on you for what I might call your "preferences" in a broad sense.


  1. On today's topic, guess who was right about Kyurem's new Abilities despite it being blatantly obvious?...

    1. Dammit ! You've beaten me to it ! I was laughing so hard when I saw it ! xD

  2. People always think I'm weird for being so hard on myself whenever my principles and values are brought into any matter. Respect is obviously one of them and the only reason I wouldn't be respectful would be either because I'm joking or either because I'm way too tired to think before talking/writing and my words don't really reflect my real thoughts. (In short, I once replied stupidly to anybody who wasn't respectful himself whenever it was past 1 AM, but I learned my lesson now.)

    I also don't care about any differences, except maybe the cultural ones, because I like to learn about many different cultures, so it's more like curiosity than disrespect.
    (Besides, I'm studying in a program that is specifically about languages and cultures, go figure... x) )

  3. I dont get it, who are these bulbagarden-slowflake blog gay bashing regimists. Did i miss something >_>