Monday, June 25, 2012

BW2 info - V for Victini

We're still going! New discoveries are still being made, most of them in nooks and crannies you're not expected to have figured out in just two days.

- Beedrill acquires Sniper through the Hidden Hollows, for all three of you who use Beedrill. Zangoose also gets Toxic Boost, which is a Guts that only works with poison. Come on, Gamefreak, you could've given it Guts, it's not like Zangoose is a super powerful threat that needs to be kept in check. As for Vespiquen, it gets Unnerve. Blah. (Edit 10:22: Infiltrator Seviper also found. Pass.)

- So far, the Dream Radar is VERY underwhelming, with only 18 Pokémon discovered so far. Of these, only the genie trio and Sigilyph didn't have their DW ability before. I think most of us will give it a miss if that's it...

- Remember that Weak Armor Mandibuzz that was found on route 4 in Black 2? Well, as expected, there's a Defiant Braviary there in White 2. That's weird, because as I said before, deserts are a logical habitat for vultures, but there's a reason why desert eagles are guns and not actual eagles.

- If you use Memory Link with BW1, you'll be able to find N's former Pokémon in the wild. I think that's a very nice touch, haven't we all wondered what happens with our own Pokémon after we release them?

- Apparently, White Forest and Black City don't work like they used to, all there is there is a battling facility. You can use a key obtained through Unova Link in the same fashion as Regice and Registeel to get to the other area, so if you know someone with the opposite version they're not version exclusive anymore.

- TECHNICIAN BRELOOM CONFIRMED IN HIDDEN HOLLOWS. We've had some pretty huge bombshells in the last few days, but this one is one of the biggest so far.

- Forgot to mention, Prankster Riolu can be found in the Dream Radar. There's a gimmicky but interesting set that involves using priority Copycat to call Roar over and over, racking up entry hazard damage. Probably more effective than FEAR ever was, but it still failed to impress on the DW ladder due to it being fairly easy to counter.

- Analytic Watchog found in the Hidden Hollows as well. Oddly enough, it's by far its best ability, Illuminate and Keen Eye are completely worthless.

- The Shiny Charm multiplies the odds of finding a shiny by about 3.5. It also works when performing the Masuda method, but the increase is only of 33% there.

- Still more DW abilities found in the Hidden Hollows! Swoobat finally got the ability that caused it to have such crap stats to begin with (Simple), so maybe it can perform that gig better than Bibarel! Next is Reckless Mienshao, which you're a moron if you ever use. Regenerator FTW. Same for Soundproof Bouffalant, Reckless and Sap Sipper are much better.

- Smogon confirms Scrappy Stoutland. You know, for a Pokémon that's otherwise as unimpressive as Stoutland, it really was blessed in the ability department.

- Cheren and Bianca can both be fought with their BW1 teams... as long as you used the Memory Link. I guess it's sort of nice that Cheren kept his old Pokémon after all, but at the same time it's insulting that he holds back like this in the gym fight, with just low-leveled Patrat and Lillipup.

- Morimoto also returns with his BW1 team, and another Gamefreak guy joins in the fun. He's got Clefable, Wigglytuff, Azumarill, Alomomola, Lickilicky and Snorlax... as well as six Leftovers, gen 2-style.

- I haven't mentioned this before, but just because Cynthia can be fought in the Fanservice Tournament doesn't mean she's not in Undella anymore. Her team structure throughout the games seems to be Spiritomb, Milotic, Lucario, Garchomp and two wildcards. In D/P it was Gastrodon and Roserade, in Platinum it was Togekiss and Roserade, in BW1 it was Eelektross and Braviary, and here it's Togekiss and Glaceon. Of all the Eeveelutions, she had to go for Glaceon. Not so good for a trainer who has a history of stacking up high-end Pokémon and being genuinely challenging.

- STILL more hidden abilities from the Hidden Hollows! Poison Touch Muk is meh, and so are its other two abilities. Not completely useless, but still meh. As for Swift Swim Beartic... need I remind you of a certain embargo on Swift Swim use? Otherwise it might've been interesting.

- I never noticed this before, so I don't know if that's new, but when going to the Dream World, you'll be going into certain areas a lot more than others depending on your Pokémon's typing.

- Overcoat Leavanny found in the Hidden Hollows. And yes, we're talking fully-evolved Leavanny. Meh, give me Chlorophyll any day. With sun support, sand and hail shouldn't be that much trouble.


  1. Riolu is in the Dream Radar and that gets Prankster. I've seen a strategy on internet that abuses Prankster and the mechanics of Copycat to give +1 priority roar after setting up entry hazards. If that still works in B2 and W2, that will be a rage quit inducer if not banned.

    1. Actually, it didn't make much of a splash on the DW ladder. It's probably going to be more gimmicky than anything else.

  2. that desert eagle joke did get a few laughs out of me slowflake :P

  3. Big disappointment for the White Forest... How the hell am I going to get a Ralts now ? D:

    Oh, I just checked quickly and apparently it is obtainable right from the beginning in the Dream Radar with its Dream World Ability... I guess that's kinda cool, but I wonder if it's possible to get females for breeding.

    However, I think that raising the levels of the Pokemon you catch as you get more badges is pointless. Sure Lvl 40 as the maximum isn't THAT bad for EV training, but I don't get how it's useful if you're most likely going to breed them for a better Nature and better IVs anyway.

  4. I think the Toxic Boost was meant to be an allusion to its rivalry with Seviper tbh. But yeah. xD

  5. I read "Seviper" as "Servine" for a minute and went "wait, WHAT!?" Disappointment. :(

  6. By the way Slowflake, will you be covering all the gym leaders and champions in the World Tournament once you get there in your BW2 LP? Because that would make an awesome finale, just like with Platinum and Soul Silver.

  7. Zangoose has always been one of my favorite pokemon, and Nintendo really likes to screw him over. Poor guy...

  8. You make Glaceon sound like it are worse then Flareon. I know it aren,t so good but why bashing it so much?

    1. Because it still sucks horribly. Mono-Ice is one of the worst typings to have, and it's very redundant when you consider Vaporeon's existence.