Friday, May 4, 2012

A post about everything and nothing

- First, I would like to warn everyone ahead of time: there will probably be a new Wind Waker video tomorrow, but after that, don't expect anything until Thursday at the very least (and then the next Sunday should be my final video before Diablo 3 comes out).

- So if you haven't noticed, he who shall not be named likes Life Shrooms in Super Paper Mario a bunch. I'm really curious to know his reasoning, though. In the RPG entries, Life Shrooms were moderately useful later in the game, since not only can you potentially take a massive beating in a single turn (say hi to the last 10 floors of the Pit of 100 Trials in PM2), but when used strategically they can also allow you to do something else than heal in a given turn, while still keeping you alive (once again in the Pit). But in Super Paper Mario? We're talking about a real-time game here, so you don't even have to use up a turn to heal up. Maybe if you completely forget to heal, but other than that, really? Packing standard healing items of better quality (even standard Shroom Shakes) would do you MUCH better. So, um, is there something I'm missing here?

- The best way of preventing texting while driving. EVER.

- If you plan on getting Diablo 3, this might come in handy if you want to know what a yard is worth. Proof that you're playing as 25-foot giants.

- For those same people, an invaluable piece of advice, that countless people seemed to have completely missed during the open beta: the first thing you should do when starting up the game is head to the options and activate Elective Mode, which allows you to assign any skill to any skill slot, regardless of category (except for most non-attacking skills on the left mouse button). Just so you don't go bonkers when you see a Barbarian with both Battle Rage and Threatening Shout and call him a cheater. Now, why the hell isn't THAT the default option? Blizzard says it's because separating the skills into arbitrary categories and let players choose one from each is more simple, but I call bullshit. What's more simple than "here are 20-something skills, pick six, have fun"?

- Also, no, there are no WASD controls. NOW SHUT THE FUCK UP. THIS ISN'T WOW. (If you're laughing, THIS, of all things, was the most common complaint during the few days the open beta lasted. This makes me sad inside.)

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