Wednesday, April 11, 2012

No new videos for the next few days + mock BW2 fake info

You know how usually, if you get a cold, you're in the clear for the rest of the winter? Well, that didn't happen here. And since it's hardly recommended to record videos with a sore throat and a stuffed nose, don't expect any more videos from me for at least the next few days.

On an unrelated topic, in the wake of the fake Pokémon information I reported on yesterday, our own NicoCW made a magnificent mock-up of said info, which you can read here and here.


  1. OMG I almost died at the part saying that Vaporeon got Flare Blitz ! XD
    (Yes, even a Flareon fan can take jokes.)

    And you're far from being the only one having a sore throat. Apparently, everybody went a little bit overboard just because it's finally warming up a bit outside. I happen to be even dumber because I opened my window last Sunday and forgot it the whole day until I realized it was starting to get cold in my bedroom.

  2. I....don't think I've laughed at something QUITE so hard all day as those mock ups omg haha