Friday, March 16, 2012

Pokémon x Nobunaga's Ambition now out in Japan

Indeed, today marks the Japanese release of one of the most bizarre concepts for a video game ever. Is it any good? We'll have to see, but on the surface it looks pretty decents. Early reports suggest that around 200 Pokémon are available within the game - that isn't a problem though, spin-offs typically only have a fraction of all the Pokémon, to the notable exception of the Mystery Dungeon series and Rumble 2.

I'll update this post if anything interesting comes up, so stay tuned. By the way, if this ever gets an international release, what title do you think it'll have? The current one is a mouthful...


  1. I'm really hoping for an international release at this point. It'd be hard to market to a demographic that has no idea what Nobunaga's Ambition is, but I'm drooling over the concept of a Pokemon SRPG.

  2. Here's what I want to know: How can Mewtwo, a Pokemon that was created by modern science, be in a game set in the 1600s or so?