Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Eeveelution poll results + new poll

First, I'd like to remind everyone that the amount of days stated until the poll closes isn't absolute, it's just there because I'm forced to give an end date - which I can change at any time anyway.

Anyway, on to the poll results! It was a hard fought battle between Vaporeon and Espeon, and while Vaporeon was ahead throughout almost the entire thing, a late surge from the Psychic-type allowed it to eke out a 75-69 victory. Truth be told, I'm not sure Espeon would've been this successful had I asked this question two years ago, with Magic Bounce and whatnot, but oh well. Jolteon and Umbreon were also locked in a close fight for third, but this time the original won by four votes, 41-37. Flareon obtained a whopping 28 votes, and I'm not sure if it's because it was one of the originals or if it got a lot of pity votes for sucking so badly, but it still managed to do well here. (For the record, I STILL get comments from people arguing that Flareon isn't all that bad...) Finally, the gen 4 duo didn't do so well, with 13 votes for Leafeon and 9 votes for the very redundant Glaceon. (Which probably shouldn't have been created in the first place, Vaporeon covers the Ice base so much better, strongest Blizzard in the game or not.)

Next poll is about BW2 being a sequel. Do you see it working out, or do you think Gamefreak will meet their Waterloo?


  1. I'm not sure it's going to be a resounding success, considering that they're almost guaranteed to use Unova again. But what that means is that it's going to feel like a deluxe edition, just with a different story.
    My only issue with it remains that people who aren't as savvy with Pokémon as we nerds are (such as unwitting parents) are going to go in expecting an entirely new game and be disappointed. Unless they DO end up creating a whole new region - but if they do that I'll eat all my hats.

  2. You misinterpreted your own poll. The question was "Which one is your favorite ?".

    Sometimes I wonder if you can even understand that people might like something even if it isn't good. I voted for Flareon because I had good memories with it and I never really used the other eeveelutions all that much, because it's hard to make a balanced team when there's too much mono-types Pokemon. That was not necessarily a nostalgia-fags rally or a vote out of pity.
    We just simply like it, that's all.

    I would never use Flareon on a serious competitive team, but I would probably raise one in-game just for fun. Yes, Pokemon isn't all about competition, there's also fun involved. Funny, right ?

    1. But I was always under the impression that whatever favor Flareon had was caused by it being an Eeveelution, and by being pitted directly against the other ones it'd collapse badly.

    2. Maybe you're right, it wouldn't be the first time I'm an exception in whatever category.

      While some people seems to have a thing for *cough* fire-breathing dragons *cough*, for me it was fire-breathing foxes. In that department, I admit that I like Ninetales as well, but Flareon is my favorite of the two.

      I don't try to flame whoever say Flareon (See what I did here ?... No..?) sucks, unlike "that" fanbase, but the reason I'm insisting here is just that I think you're not much better than "these guys" by dissing anybody's favorite Pokemon just because they're bad.

      Yes, I know I used to shove down my favorites down the throat of everybody at first as well and I completely deserved any harsh reply you wrote when I did. (Sorry Quagsire, I've put you to shame :( )
      But really, as long as people don't get annoying with it, you should try to remember that there is over 500 Pokemon now and probably a couple of thousands (if not even more) of players. If everybody always used the same Pokemon, playing would become boring real quick. I try to respect people's opinions and preferences as much as possible as long as they respect mines.

      Why have I so much trouble expressing myself...
      Bottom of the line, no matter how much better options there is, Pokemon is first of all a RPG with a huge amount of choices and possibilities so they can attract as much people as possible depending on personal tastes. So it's okay to let people like those that are bad stat/movepool-wise, because that's part of why the franchise was so successful.

      If Pokemon fans had an attitude towards bad Pokemon like all those CoD-Fags have towards Nintendo games... (or any other game genres in general...), I'm sorry, but it would suck, I wouldn't ever want to be involved in a Pokemon community or whatever.

    3. Preaching about respect while using the word 'fags' liberally has to be some kind of oxymoron, right?

      In any case, he never said anything about the people who like Flareon, he just stated that it sucked (which is objectively true).

    4. I use the commonly used term "fags" only for people shoving their opinion right inside the throat of everybody and dissing anything else. I respect their opinion, but I never said that I would respect them as people.

  3. Utilitarianism can be intrusive when trying to pick a favourite Pokémon based solely upon its looks. Not that I would ever do that, anymore. Probably. I blame you, Slowflake; I think I've changed as a player since I've been watchin' ya. Not that I feel that's a bad thing, mind you.

    I suppose they're taking a bit of a risk with BW2, but I have complete faith in Game Freak. Sorta. :'D So long as the possibility of obtaining infinite PP Ups from Anville Town remains. ... Actually, anyone wanna bet money that they'll remove it for being too abusive? I still can't believe they put that in B/W to begin with.

    1. I don't think so, if anything PP Up was too rare previously compared with the effect it had.