Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Canadian paradox

Yesterday's newspaper featured a series of polls on all kinds of subjects on the Canadian political scene, from voting intentions to provinces' perception of each other to the prospect of a Quebec secession. But in all that, there's one thing that makes no sense whatsoever: English Canadians massively want to see Quebec remain within Canada, despite their strong belief that Canada would be as good, if not better off, without us (something I can agree with). Meanwhile, the prospect of independence continues to rally a hefty 40 to 45% of Quebec's population no matter how divided, battered, and quite frankly obsolete the movement is. And yet most of us realize that it would be suicide to separate at this point, with a government so corrupted and inefficient even all the cash we suck out of Alberta isn't enough to get us out of the gutter.

Yep, we're certifiably nuts at this point. Anyone care to explain this anomaly?


  1. The only thing I can say about it, is the exact same thing I said after the government announced the raise of the cost to access scholarship after having complained about people quitting school before finishing their studies for so long. Yes, I'm sure giving even more debts to students will give them more motivation to carry on their studies, everybody knows that, right ? God, I wonder so much how I'll fare when it's finally time for me to go to University...

    Seriously... apparently, power makes people dumb. Canada has pretty good life conditions, but there is a total lack of logic in decisions taken recently.

    1. I'm sorry, I meant :

      *Canada has pretty good life conditions, yet there is a total lack of logic coming from Quebec's decisions recently.

      I still need practice with proper phrasing apparently...

    2. Even so, we pay little more than a song for university scholarship, to such an extent that I'm under the impression that I outright stole mine. I studied in biochemistry, and got to use all kinds of elaborate and obscenely expensive equipment. It's only natural that students help pay for that.

      We're by far the province where the cost is the lowest, and contrary to the popular delusion it's not because we're more cost-effective... far from it. Those Bidoofs in power should never have frozen the fees to buy elections in the first place. Then we wouldn't have this problem.

      Although, I agree that the provincial government as a whole reeks of ass, and the opposition parties, frighteningly, are probably even worse.

    3. I'm not against it. I know how prices in general are constantly increasing. But they're raising so much and so suddenly. All my teachers were against this drastic increase and many Quebec's celebrities are too. I know how some students are abusing and always spending money to be constantly partying, but it sucks that the responsible ones are paying the price because of these idiots. My parents had no money to put aside for my studies and I barely have enough money to go on with the government's scholarship loan.
      And I can't getting a f****** job because I'm too out of shape to be productive with a student job, so of course, no matter how many times I tried, no one want to hire me dammit !
      I'm an intellectual guy ! Why is there no job for students where speed with physical tasks isn't the only thing that counts ? On the physical side, I've always been like a freaking Slowpoke ! I hate my life so much sometimes...

  2. I hate how Quebec wants to seperate from the rest of Canada. Also I heard the government wants to still get money from the Canadian government. Why would they think that?

    1. Because our provincial government is so terribad it makes even Harper's crew look competent in comparison.

      Though I wouldn't say we want to separate. I certainly don't, and the slight majority doesn't want to either.