Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bulbagarden deletes news item about Kyurem forms

Turns out the news I reported this morning might be fake, as Bulbagarden deleted the news item I mentioned there. Sort of odd, considering they quoted the Pokémon Daisuki Club as a source... and a quick check of the Daisuki Club's site (from someone who knows zero Japanese, no less) reveals none of the info Bulbagarden reported was even on there. So was it a hoax? If so, I hope someone got fired. I mean, that's the kind of questionable reporting you'd expect from Pokébeach (who did NOT report on that), not Bulbagarden.

But should we be surprised? I sure am not. Everything on there just sounded ridiculous, especially the "red white" and "blue black" parts.

Update: According to a post from Serebii on the Bulbagarden forums, "Sparkling Blue" and "Burning Red" are descriptives that go along with some merchandise, and NOT part of the form names, while Overdrive was lingo that existed for two years without us knowing anything about it. It refers to when Reshiram's and Zekrom's tails turn red and blue, and is NOT a gameplay mechanic. At least so far.


  1. Dammit ! I totally got excited for nothing ! xD
    Not a big deal, I should have known, it's just funny how I was trying to be careful about that and it turned out to be entirely fake. xD

  2. Wow. A few weeks after we learn of the game's existence and we already have some false news. What is next, "New Kyurem Formes' Abilities Revealed! TeraFreeze and TurboCold!" Like I said in the GigaFreeze comment, I would not be surprised if GameFreak actually pulled that. Heck, it is obvious they are probably just going to give Black and White Kyurem TeraVolt and TurboBlaze, respectively, because they like being lazy without killing the quality of the final product (mostly)...