Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Where's my ?%$/"ing beta key, Blizzard?

Diablo Incgamers news item title: Wave 4 of Beta Keys issued

First comment on that item: Wave of 4 Beta Keys issued, rather.

And that seems accurate. I'm still waiting for a beta key, as are many many many others! But I'm a big boy, I won't fall for the elitism trap that claimed so many so-called "longtime fans". "I've been playing Diablo for 15 years, I should get in before some random WoW twit!" If I had a penny for every time I saw something like that, I'd be set for life.

Speaking of which, the much-anticipated game system update from Jay Wilson will happen tomorrow. Between this and the Nobunaga press conference, this is going to be a hectic day for me. Fingers crossed that the word "delay" won't appear anywhere in that report. Best thing that can happen is that they've settled on a final iteration of the runestone system, and are heading towards a release date announcement in the upcoming weeks.

As a side note, I'm so glad the idiots who were so convinced that the Korea RMAH rating fiasco was the only thing holding the game back were shut up so hard. For anyone actually paying attention instead of succumbing to wishful thinking, just listening to any sentence from the developers gave you a very good idea that the game just wasn't done yet, despite their initial resolve to get the game out by the end of 2011. Major props to them for NOT rushing an unfinished project out the door.


  1. This makes me wonder if there would be a better system for distributing keys than completely randomly. It's probably still for the better that the random system is in place, as giving certain people priority is destroying fairness among their consumer base. Still, I can't help but feel Blizzard would get better feedback from selected fans who have been loyal customers for a long time.

    1. As opposed to Wyatt Cheng's mother, who died on the first pack of zombies outside New Tristram? Yeah, I guess so, but their design goal seems to be, make Normal easy enough for any Casual Charlie to get through, then ramp up the difficulty until Inferno becomes a masocore-fest. They've explicitly said in the past that they want to make the game accessible to those who have NOT been loyal customers for a long time.

  2. "Major props to them for NOT rushing an unfinished project out the door."
    *Stares at Ubisoft while clearly thinking about Might and Magic Heroes VI*
    Why does a fair bunch of the games companies owning the franchises I like the most take so much weird, risky or even completely crappy decisions ?
    Another example is Capcom moving the whole future of the Monster Hunter franchise, that has sticked with Sony from the very beginning, to the 3DS. It's like... where the hell did that came from ?? While I'm not really complaining because I planned to buy a 3DS anyway, admit that it's kinda weird.