Thursday, January 19, 2012

Random, unrelated thoughts.

- Am I the only one mildly disturbed by the fact that Jewel Man looks like he's about to propose to Roll in the Megaman 9 credits?

- In Tales of Symphonia, text bubbles continue referring to Rodyle as "???" for a while even after he's introduced by name. Look Namco, just because his goals are shady at that point because he's had only three lines doesn't mean we don't know his name even after Magnius told us.

- In Starcraft 2, it's cheaper to take a dead Dark Templar and shove him inside a machine powered by the spirit of a fallen warrior than to make a live Dark Templar. Mind = blown.

- Nobunaga press conference yielded exactly what I didn't want to see: fifty-six two-second snippets of the game. Continuous footage is sooooo overrated, after all. Don't let me down now, Jay Wilson.


  1. -I think just about everything in the Megaman 9 credits is mildly creepy. I don't like how the only thing they thought of for Splashwoman was "Oh, she's the first female robot master! Let's put her in a photoshoot so she will feel pretty!". Reverting to stereotypes is always fun.

    -That's actually a common thing in RPGs. I can't recall specific examples, but I usually notice it at least once during a jRPG playthrough. I think they also do the same for Pronyma at one point. Side note, ToS is one of my favorite games ever.

    -Nothing to say about Starcraft, I never touched the series.

    -Yeah, but did anyone expect anything more out of the conference? It was enough to rekindle my excitement, anyway, as it looks like it will be a fun game. Localization info, please?

  2. It's better than a minute of animations for it.