Monday, September 21, 2015

Programming oversight, or legitimate feature?

MD4 brings back the infamous level 1 dungeons because why not, and it turns out you can totally break them by bringing Hoopa with you. Since it comes in an item, it's not really part of your team per se, so when it pops out it's at whatever level it's supposed to be normally. So, is that an oversight on the game designers' part, or did they actually intend for it to happen all along? I want to say it's not intentional. In previous games the highest levels you'd ever encounter in such dungeons would be in the low 30s, so to be able to have a much higher-leveled Hoopa do all the work is just silly. So I want to say they just done fucked up... but what if it was supposed to be a well-kept secret? Of course in the era of the internet no secret ever lasts that long, but to be figured out by virtually the first guy to do that dungeon is just silly.

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