Sunday, August 16, 2015

A useful MD2 life hack

Unfortunately this only works in Sky, but nowadays there's no reason to play anything else, so here goes.

You know how annoying it is, during these stretches of multiple dungeons without going back to town, to fill up your entire inventory AND storage, so you miss out on some items? Well, here's a little trick so you can at least sell stuff and deposit money in the bank to prevent that from happening. First, if you're not at a Kangaskhan stone between dungeons (halfway points in dungeons like Steam Cave or Sealed Ruins don't count), reach the next one. Then, deposit the stuff you want to sell, and save. After that, you want to go to the special episodes and start either episode 1 or 3 (the latter has a bit less dialogue at the beginning, so I recommend that if it's available). Since the inventory and bank are shared between the main game and the special episodes, you can then have Bidoof or Sunflora withdraw what you just put in storage, then sell those items at Kecleon's, and finally deposit the money in the bank. Unfortunately you don't have access to Wynaut's shop, so no recycling into lottery tickets for you, but it's better than losing out on those items altogether.

Edit: Picking episode 1 is also a good choice despite having more dialogue, since you get a free Reviver Seed if you talk to Marowak.


  1. I haven't played episode 3 in forever, so I dunno if it does the same (or if it gives anything better), but a reason to pick episode 1 is I'm pretty sure you can get a free Reviver Seed not too long into it. Save $800 and get another second chance.

    1. Oh, when you talk to Marowak? I had no idea, I had to Google it to find out what you were talking about. But yeah, you're right.

      Either way, running Labyrinth Cave might be a more sensible option for farming Reviver Seeds when that becomes available.

    2. Yeah, that's right, it was Marowak! Couldn't remember who it was that you had to talk to.

      Also wasn't aware of Labyrinth Cave having lots of Reviver Seeds, since I never unlocked it, but that's something I'll have to keep in mind.

    3. Yeah, roughly one item out of 20 is a Reviver Seed in that place, which is a far better ratio than any other dungeon.